World’s first Cybathlon Championship for Athletes with Disabilities aka Bionic Olympics

The world’s first Cybathlon Championship for Athletes with Disabilities organised by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH Zurich at the SWISS Arena in Kloten, canton Zurich. Popularly known as ‘Bionic olympics’, it differs from the paralympics as it sees participants compete against each other using the latest assistive technologies in terms of their ability to help users navigate the tasks and challenges of daily life.

The Cybathlon has six major events or disciplines, each highlighting a particular assistive technology. For each of these disciplines, winning teams were given two medals: one for the pilot or athlete sporting the device and another for the device provider. The six major events are:
  • The Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Race, which uses a video game for pilots with severe loss of motor function.
  • The Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Bike Race, featuring pilots with spinal cord injuries and their non-motorized FES bikes.
  • The Powered Arm Prosthesis Race, where pilots who’ve lost one or both arms complete challenges designed to mimic everyday tasks.
  • The Power Leg Prosthesis Race, for pilots with transfemoral or knee ex-articulation amputation wearing so-called “active” prostheses, which allow for more accurate movement control.
  • The Powered Exoskeleton Race, an obstacle course of typical everyday tasks for pilots with complete paraplegia wearing motorized supports (orthoses).
  • The Powered Wheelchair Race, where pilots on motorized wheelchairs compete on parallel tracks to complete a series of obstacles.

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