World’s largest canyon spotted by Chinese scientists

January 2016, Science and Technology
In Brief:

The world’’s largest canyon far larger than the Grand Canyon in the United States has been spotted by Chinese scientists who took part in the country’s latest Antarctic expedition to the South Pole.

The canyon, more than 1000 kilometres’ long, 1500 metres deep, and 26.5 kilometres wide at the top, is larger than the Grand Canyon and is the largest canyon discovered on earth, state-run Xinhua quoted Chinese scientists who took part in China’s 32nd Antarctic expedition as saying.
China’s expedition team, which launched the search around the Princess Elizabeth Area of the South Pole in last November, has also found many sub-glacial lakes and currents connected to the canyon, forming a giant “wetland” beneath the Antarctic ice.
They also detected large-scale “warm ice” under the sheet along with a number of lakes. Warm ice can easily be melted into water.

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