World’s Largest Solar Plant Opened In Morocco

The world’s Largest solar plant was launched in the Souss-Massa-Drâa area in Morocco, 10 km from Ouarzazate town. It is the part of Noor Ouarzazate solar complex which will produce energy for more than one million Moroccan households on completion by 2018. It will also reduce carbon emissions by an estimated 760000 tons per year.

The entire project will be implemented in  three phases involving construction of Noor I (160MW), Noor II (200MW) and Noor III (150MW) in each phase. The World Bank partially financed construction of the plant through a 97 million US dollar loan from the Clean Technology Fund. 

In this plant, sun light is focused or concentrated using mirrors to heat up a liquid mixed with water to produce steam. Mirrors focus the sun’s light and heat up a liquid, which, when mixed with water, reaches around 400 degree Celsius. The steam produced from this process drives a turbine and generates electrical power. During the day, heat concentrated from the mirrors is also used to melt salt filled in the cylinder. This melted salt can stay hot enough at night to provide power up to three hours.

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