World’s most expensive saree was sold for Rs 40 lakh

The most expensive silk saree was made by Chennai Silks and was sold for around Rs.40 lakh in January 2008, according to Guinness World Records. The saree featured reproductions of 11 paintings by Indian artist Raja Ravi Varma and took about 4,760 man-hours to produce. The saree, studded with gold, diamond, emerald, and other precious stones, weighed around 8 kilograms. 

1. Gold 59 gms 700 milli grams 
2. Diamond 3 carats 913 cents 
3. Platinum 120 milli grams 
4. Silver – 5grams 
5. Ruby 2 carat 985 cent 
6. Emerald 55 cent 
7. Yellow sapphire – 3 cent 
8. Sapphire – 5 carat 
9. Cat eye-14 cent 
10. Topaz -10 cent 
11. Pearl-2 gms 
12. Coral-400 milligrams

Source- Guinness World Records


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