World’s oldest serving aircraft carrier INS Viraat retires

INS Viraat, the world’s oldest aircraft carrier in active service will be decommissioned on 6 March 2017 with a ceremonial send-off in Mumbai.

A glorious chapter in the Indian Navy’s history will come to an end when INS Viraat, the longest serving aircraft carrier will retire after serving the country for nearly three decades. 
INS Viraat was commissioned in Indian Navy in 1987, before that the historic ship served Royal British Navy for 27 long years. It was built in 1943, during the Second World War. The decision on the warship’s future has not been taken yet. 
But the warship would be possibly converted into a museum, hotel or preserving it as a relic of maritime history.
What can be the possible questions from above news:

Q1. Name the oldest Indian Aircraft Carrier, which has been decommissioned recently after serving the country for nearly three decades.

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Source- The Hindu

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