World’s smallest engine powered by light created

The world’s smallest engine has been created at Cambridge University by UK based researchers. The engine is fueled by lasers and gold and a few billionths of a metre in size, which uses lights to power the engine

The engine will help to develop nano-machines that can navigate in water, sense the environment around them or even enter living cells to fight disease.
The engine is powered by laser light and named the ANT ( actuating nano-transducer ). The microscopic ANT engine, which cannot be seen by the human eye, is believed to be up to a hundred times more powerful than any other engine known to man if you take its force to weight ratio into account. 

So now let’s discuss some questions related to this post : 
1. Name the university, which has created the World’s smallest engine ?
2. The world’s smallest engine is power up by which substance ?

Courtesy : Times of India


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