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17th CII Annual Tourism Summit

The tourism sector has become a vital force in driving economic growth and development. In 2022, India witnessed a remarkable surge in Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) and Foreign Exchange Earnings (FEEs), reflecting its increasing significance. As India prioritizes sustainability during its G20 Presidency, responsible and sustainable tourism emerges as a critical focus to leverage the country’s strengths and ensure long-term growth.

The G20 Opportunity

Elevating Global Footfall through Targeted Marketing

  • India’s G20 Presidency presents a unique opportunity to attract tourists worldwide.
  • Strategic marketing campaigns can significantly increase the number of visitors, benefiting the industry today and in the future.

Challenges and Solutions

Sustainability and Responsible Tourism

  • Balancing growth with sustainability is paramount. Encouraging responsible tourism practices can help preserve natural and cultural assets.

Infrastructure Development

  •  Adequate infrastructure, from transportation to accommodation, must be prioritized to accommodate the growing number of tourists.

Regulatory Framework

  •  A well-defined regulatory framework is needed to ensure a seamless and secure travel experience for visitors.

CII Tourism Summit 2023

  • The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is organizing the 17th CII Tourism Summit on October 13, 2023, in Mumbai.
  • This event will unite industry stakeholders to discuss challenges and outline a roadmap for the sector’s growth.

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