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Welcome to the Current Affairs Section of Adda247. If you are preparing for Government Job Exams, then it is very important for you to read the Daily Current Affairs. All the important updates based on current affairs are included in this Daily Current Affairs 2022 article.

Current Affairs 2022: All the serious candidates are advised to bookmark this website and read the current affairs on a daily basis. It will help you mug up the important current affairs for IBPS, SBI, RBI, SSC, Railway, UPSC, IAS/PCS, UPPSC, RPSC, BPSC, MPPSC, TNPSC, UKPSC, APPSC, MPSC, KPSC and other competitive exams. 

Current Affairs Today


Current Affairs 2022

Currents Affairs have been playing a vital role as an integral part of mostly all banking examinations and one has to prepare this section very well to score good marks. Preparing current affairs will depict your awareness about the environment and the recruiter will learn how observant you are and this is one of the main skills that will take you up to the corporate ladder. You can check out at the link below for daily current affairs. You can visit to get updated current affairs for boosting your preparations for banking exams. In this article, we will provide you with a broad idea of how to prepare current affairs and different strategies that you can use in your upcoming banking exams.

IBPS, RBI, SBI are the major bank exams conducted nationwide every year and thousands of candidates run for the same which increases the competition of scoring high marks to get selected. GA Section which includes the majority of questions from Current affairs is scoring an important part of these bank exams and this is quite a difficult part as there is no particular syllabus for the same. The candidates have to prepare this section with strategy and daily efforts. You can follow some tips provided below to prepare yourself for the current affairs section:

  1. Reading newspapers daily to know the day-to-day events happening in the nation and world can help you boost up your knowledge for both national and international current affairs.
  2. Note down and prepare notes of the headlines and important news so that it becomes easy to revise later on.
  3. Regularly watching news channels can also be helpful in preparing for current affairs, it has been found that watching the news in a visual is a better option to remember news for longer than reading it.
  4. There are various magazines which you can follow for current affairs in a sequence and provides the recent affairs after accurate analysis in a brief. Such magazines are also available online as pdf.
  5. Using the internet for its pros as it is a powerhouse of knowledge and detailed information about any current affair can be easily found on different search engines.
  6. Solve various quizzes to check your preparation level and analyze your level for the upcoming banking exam.

Daily Current Affairs 2022

Adda247 provides you with every kind of current affairs separately including trending, national, international, sports, awards related to current affairs in different sections to provide you with ease for your preparations. The current affairs are divided into various sections and some of the important topics are depicted below:

National Current Affairs:

This section includes each and every relevant news about what’s happening in the nation. For scoring high marks in the banking exam, a candidate must have a well-updated knowledge of the recent activities taking place in the country.

International Current Affairs:

As for the banking exam, a candidate must prepare well for both national as well as international news going on since last year. We provide you with daily booze of news so that you can prepare for your exam.

Economic related issues:

The section of economic current affairs will include every little news about the economy of India and the economic corridor with other countries. You can also find other relevant topics related to daily current affairs like product rate, economic growth, new economic frisking zone, and schemes indulged in the growth of the economy.

Banking Current Affairs:

All the recent changes in rules, policies of banking sectors will be discussed in this section. As you are preparing for the banking exam, you must be aware of stock market, and other banking activities for economic growth.

Sports Current Affairs:

This section covers all the tournaments and sports events held recently in the nation or outside the nation.

Current Affairs Awards & Achievements :

Current affairs on both national and international awards are included in this section for your preparation.

Appointments Current Affairs :

This section covers all the new appointments done in various departments of the government of India and other countries of the world. At Adda247, we provide detailed information with designation and name for your convenience to prepare for your bank exam.

You can find the most relevant and updated current affairs for your bank preparation with us. Just join us and we will help you out with your preparation in the best possible way we can.

Current Affairs 2022: FAQs

Q.1 What are the latest Current affairs?

Ans. The latest Current Affairs are:
● Centre introduced criminal procedure identification Bill 2022.
● Telecom Secretary releases Tec Report.
● The Move to ease Voting for Overseas Citizens.
● India, Sri Lanka to Finalise $1 Billion Line of Credit.
● The Delhi Municipal Corporation (Amendment) Bill, 2022 Introduced in Lok Sabha.

Q. 2 Which site is best for current affairs?
Ans. There are several good sites, including

Q.3 Who is Father of General Knowledge?
Ans. Herodotus is known as the father of General Knowledge. He was an Ancient Greek who used to reside in the Persian Empire’s Halicarnassus.

Q.4 What are the top 10 GK questions?
Ans. Top 10 Gk questions re:
● First WCB was issued by which institution?
● What is PM Kisaan?
● What is the objective of Sujalam Campaign 2.0?
● Who was the founder of Delhi Sultanate?
● In which empire were the vedas compiled?
● Who is the new Chief Minister of Punjab?
● Who won the UP state elections 2022?
● What is the share percentage of Agriculture in GDP?
● Who presented the budget this year?
● Who was the last Hindu ruler to rule whole India?

Q. 5 Which is the best website for current affairs?

Ans: The best way to cover current affairs is to read the daily newspaper and follow some credible websites. Adda247 is the best website for daily current affairs. It summaries the current affairs in 100 words.

Q.6 Does Adda247 provide Current Affairs PDF?

Yes, Adda247 provides month-wise current affairs pdfs in both Hindi and English languages.