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900-Year-Old Chalukyan Inscription Found in Neglected State at Gangapuram

A 900-year-old Kannada inscription dating back to the Kalyana Chalukya dynasty has been discovered in a state of utter neglect at Gangapuram, a temple town in Jadcherla mandal, Mahabubnagar district. The rare inscription was found lying uncared for on a tank bund near the Chowdamma temple.

Significance of the Inscription

  • The inscription was issued on June 8, 1134 CE (Friday) by the Customs Officers of Tailapa-III, son of the Kalyana Chalukya Emperor ‘Bhulokamalla’ Someswara-III.
  • It records the remission of income accrued through toll taxes called Vaddaravula and Hejjunka towards a perpetual lamp and incense for the God Somanatha.

Preservation Efforts

  • E. Sivanagi Reddy, an archaeologist and CEO of Pleach India Foundation, noticed the inscription during a visit to the Chowdamma temple as part of the ‘Preserve Heritage for Posterity’ campaign.
  • After carefully studying the inscription, Dr. Reddy sensitized the Chowdamma Temple Committee Members about its historical significance and the need for immediate preservation.

Community Involvement

  • The Temple Committee Members, including K. Mallikarjun, Giriprasad, Chennayya, Seenu, Sankar, Srinivas, and Satteyya, have responded positively to the call for preservation.
  • They have agreed to shift the inscription to the premises of the Chowdamma temple and erect it on a pedestal with details.
  • A retired engineer, Gangapuram Kesava Prasad, also participated in the program.

Archaeological Significance

Although the inscription was previously copied and published by the Archaeology department, this discovery highlights the importance of preserving cultural heritage and raising awareness among local communities. The collaborative efforts of archaeologists, foundations, and community members ensure that such rare archaeological finds are protected for future generations.

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