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A book Thread By Thread on the life of Shambhu Kumar Kasliwal

A book, Thread by Thread, on the life of Shambhu Kumar or ‘the’ S Kumar released by Kapil Dev, at The Palace Halls, NSCI, Mumbai. Kapil Dev has been a brand ambassador for S.Kumars for their tv and print campaigns in the 80s and 2000s. The book has been written by noted journalist and author Sathya Saran and published by Penguin Random House.

About The Book

Thread By Thread is a personal look into the tale of Shambhu Kumar, who, starting from scratch built one of India’s most successful textile empires. The book traces his growth from being a trader to an industrialist checking the milestones to reveal the business mantra behind his phenomenal success. A befitting homage to the founder of S.Kumars in its platinum jubilee year, the book is based on interviews with family, friends, colleagues, and team members.
After 75 years of a flourishing business, the founder of S.Kumars, Shambhu Kumar Kasliwal is now handing over the reins to the third generation of the family, his granddaughters – Dhvani and Vidhi.

About the Author

Shambhu Kumar pioneered the introduction of Polyester Blends in India, which boosted the manufacturing and consumption of affordable, long-lasting fabrics for the middle class and the lower income groups. He lived by the motto “Best Possible Quality at the Lowest Possible Price.” With his dynamism, zeal, and vision, he soon established S.Kumars as the Fabric of India.

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