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A book title “Basic Structure and Republic” Released by Governor P. S. Sreedharan Pillai

In a notable event at the Durbar Hall (Old) of Raj Bhavan, Governor Shri P. S. Sreedharan Pillai unveiled his latest literary contribution, “Basic Structure and Republic,” marking his 212th publication. The ceremony was adorned by the gracious presence of His Gracious H. G. Mar Joseph Perumthottam, Archbishop of Changanacherry, Kerala, and Shri. Subhash Shirodkar, Minister for Water Resource Development, Co-Operation, and Provedoria, highlighting the significance of the occasion.

A Ceremonial Release

The distinguished Archbishop of Changanacherry, His Gracious H. G. Mar Joseph Perumthottam, released the book, symbolizing the unity of religious and state leadership in recognizing intellectual achievements. The first copy was presented to Shri. Subhash Shirodkar, embodying the collaborative spirit between the governance and the intellectual discourse. Smt. Rita Shreedharan Pillai, the First Lady of Goa, also graced the event, adding to its prestige.

Insights from the Governor’s Speech

Governor Shri P. S. Sreedharan Pillai, in his presidential speech, invoked the timeless wisdom of the Ramayana and Mahabharata, emphasizing the principle ‘Yato Dharmastato Jayah’ – where there is Dharma, there is victory. This motto, also adopted by the Supreme Court of India, underscores the universal applicability of Dharma beyond religious confines. The Governor further elaborated on his book’s focus, particularly spotlighting the landmark Kesavananda Bharati V/S Sanyasi case, adjudicated by a 13-judge bench after the longest ever hearing of sixty-six days.

Emphasizing the Constitution’s Role

Archbishop Mar Joseph Perumthottam, in his address, emphasized the foundational strength and confidence derived from the Indian Constitution, urging for leaders who respect and protect its sanctity. Highlighting Article 142, he reflected on the constitution’s capacity to empower the Supreme Court to ensure “complete justice,” showcasing the constitutional embodiment of Dharma.

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