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A book titled ‘Heavenly Islands of Goa’ released by Goa Governor P.S. Sreedharan Pillai

In a remarkable literary odyssey, P.S. Sreedharan Pillai, the Governor of Goa, has embarked on a mission to unveil the state’s rich natural heritage through a series of captivating books. His latest offering, “Heavenly Islands of Goa,” is a testament to his dedication to preserving and promoting the state’s lesser-known facets.

Unveiling the Avian Paradise of Goa

Pillai’s book “Heavenly Islands of Goa” delves into the fascinating world of Goa’s avian diversity. Did you know that Goa hosts an astonishing 482 out of the total 1,360 endemic and migratory bird species found in India? This remarkable fact is attributed to the colony of mangroves that has created an ideal and isolated habitat for birds, making Goa their home.

Exploring Goa’s Riverine and Estuarine Islands

The book also sheds light on the Riverine and Estuarine islands, a distinctive feature of the Goan landscape. These islands have emerged from the mangroves that line the Zuari and Mandovi rivers, creating a unique ecosystem rich in biodiversity.

Unearthing Historical Gems

In addition to celebrating Goa’s natural heritage, Pillai’s book unearths historical gems, such as the Fort of Naroa, which once stood across the road from Holy Spirit Church, near the Naroa-Narve ferry crossing. The book also delves into the intriguing history of Estevao Island, known as the “Island of the Dead,” where the remains of soldiers from the Adilshahi army were left to rot after a battle with the Portuguese.

A Comprehensive Look at Goa’s Islands

“Heavenly Islands of Goa” is a comprehensive monograph that explores the etymology, heritage, caves, forts, temples, churches, biodiversity, tourist attractions, accessibility, and personal testimonials of those who have visited these islands. Pillai’s dedication to capturing the essence of these islands is evident in the high-resolution images from his visits and the meticulous research conducted by the Raj Bhavan photographer and experts.

Promoting Goa’s Tourism Potential

Pramod Sawant, Chief Minister of Goa, commends Pillai’s efforts in the book’s foreword, stating that it will inspire readers to explore the lesser-known facets of Goa, thereby promoting the state’s tourism potential.

A Trilogy on Goa’s Natural Heritage

“Heavenly Islands of Goa” is the third book in Pillai’s trilogy on Goa’s natural heritage, following “Heritage Trees of Goa” and “Discovery of Vaman Vriksha Kala.” This trilogy marks a significant milestone in showcasing the state’s rich biodiversity and cultural heritage.

With over 220 books to his name, P.S. Sreedharan Pillai’s literary journey is a testament to his passion for preserving and promoting the unique natural and cultural treasures of Goa. Through his captivating narratives and meticulous research, he has not only enriched the literary landscape but also contributed to raising awareness about the importance of protecting and celebrating these invaluable resources.

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