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“AI” Named Collins Dictionary’s Word of the Year for 2023


Collins Dictionary has declared “AI” as the Word of the Year for 2023, reflecting the increasing prominence of Artificial Intelligence in our daily lives. According to Collins managing director Alex Beecroft, AI has been the central point of discussion this year, with its usage quadrupling. This recognition comes as U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak hosts a summit to explore the potential benefits of AI while addressing associated risks. Notably, AI has also played a role in music, with The Beatles utilizing it to retrieve John Lennon’s vocals from an old cassette to create their “last song,” set to be released soon.

Word of the Year Significance:

The Word of the Year selection by Collins Dictionary traditionally mirrors the key preoccupations and discussions of a given year. In 2022, it was “permacrisis,” reflecting the constant upheavals in British politics. The year prior, “NFTs” (non-fungible tokens) reached its peak of chatter, while 2020 was overwhelmingly dominated by the term “lockdown” in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Contenders for Word of the Year 2023:

Several other words and phrases were in the running for Word of the Year in 2023. They include:

  • Bazball
  • Canon event
  • Debanking
  • Deinfluencing
  • Greedflation
  • Nepo baby
  • Semaglutide
  • Ultraprocessed
  • Ulez

Each of these contenders reflects the diverse topics and trends that have shaped public discourse over the course of the year. The choice of “AI” as the Word of the Year underscores the growing significance of artificial intelligence in various aspects of our lives, from technology and industry to entertainment and beyond.

AI’s Growing Ubiquity:

The selection of “AI” as the Word of the Year is a testament to the increasing ubiquity of Artificial Intelligence. From virtual assistants and smart devices to autonomous vehicles and healthcare applications, AI has become deeply integrated into modern life. Its influence is felt across industries, and discussions around AI’s potential and its ethical and societal implications have intensified.

In the realm of music, the application of AI to recover John Lennon’s vocals for a new song by The Beatles exemplifies the creative and innovative potential of this technology. This use of AI demonstrates its versatility and impact across diverse fields.

As the Word of the Year, “AI” serves as a reflection of the evolving technological landscape and the recognition of its far-reaching consequences, prompting discussions on how to harness its benefits while mitigating potential risks.


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