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Air India Expands Partnership with Japan’s ANA

Air India has entered into a codeshare partnership with All Nippon Airways (ANA), Japan’s largest airline. This agreement, effective from May 23, 2024, will allow passengers of both airlines to combine flights between India and Japan using a single ticket.

Seamless Connectivity

Under the codeshare agreement, Air India will add its ‘AI’ designator code to ANA’s flights between Tokyo Haneda and Delhi, as well as Tokyo Narita and Mumbai. Similarly, ANA will add its ‘NH’ code to Air India’s flights between Tokyo Narita and Delhi.

Expanding Cooperation

The two airlines have expressed interest in further expanding their cooperation by adding more routes to their codeshare arrangement. This move aims to provide enhanced connectivity and convenience for travelers between India and Japan.

Air India’s Growing Network

The Tata Group-owned Air India, which is actively expanding its global presence, now has codeshare partnerships with 15 airlines, including the newly added ANA. These collaborations enable Air India to offer its passengers a wider range of travel options and destinations.

Benefits for Passengers

The Air India-ANA codeshare agreement brings several advantages for passengers:

  1. Seamless Travel: Passengers can book a single ticket for their entire journey, reducing the hassle of separate bookings.
  2. Enhanced Connectivity: Access to a broader network of routes and destinations through the combined flight offerings of both airlines.
  3. Loyalty Program Benefits: Air India’s Flying Returns Gold and Platinum members can enjoy high-quality services and benefits on both airlines.

Strengthening Ties

This partnership is expected to strengthen the aviation links between India and Japan, providing better travel options for passengers traveling between the two countries. It aims to promote growth in passenger operations for both airlines and offer a more convenient and comfortable travel experience.

As Air India continues to expand its global footprint, codeshare agreements like this one with ANA demonstrate the airline’s commitment to providing its passengers with a seamless and enhanced travel experience worldwide.

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