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Akshay Shah & Stephen Alter compiled and edited a new book “The Corbett Papers”

Akshay Shah & Stephen Alter compiled and edited a new book "The Corbett Papers"_4.1

Akshay Shah and Stephen Alter have compiled and edited a new book “The Corbett Papers: Biographical, Legal, & Contextual Material on the Life & Career of Jim Corbett of Kumaon” about Jim Corbett. It is published by Black Kite Publishing. Jim Corbett, the famous naturalist­hunter, has written a series of bestsellers about his experiences with wildlife in the jungles of North India. The Corbett Papers” also includes the unpublished reminiscences of Corbett by his sister Maggie and rare extracts from a forgotten work.

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Something about Akshay Shah and Stephen Alter:

Akshay Shah is an outdoor educator, a wilderness medicine instructor and a naturalist based in Ranikhet, Uttarakhand. He is currently the Director of the Hanifl Centre for Outdoor Education and Environmental Study in Uttarakhand. Stephen Alter is the author of more than 20 books, many of which focus on the natural history of the Himalayas. He has already written a novel “In the Jungles of the Night”, a reimagining of Jim Corbett’s life.

About the Jim Corbett:

Corbett, born in Nainital in 1875, was known for tracking and hunting down a number of man-eating tigers and leopards in different parts of North India. The annals of his adventures were written by him in a series of books, the most famous of which is “Man-Eaters of Kumaon” (1944). He also played an important role in establishing Hailey National Park, India’s first national park in 1936. It was later named after the naturalist in 1956, a year after his death.

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Akshay Shah & Stephen Alter compiled and edited a new book "The Corbett Papers"_5.1

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