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Alex Dawson Captures the Underwater Photographer of the Year 2024 Award

Swedish photographer Alex Dawson has clinched the prestigious title of Underwater Photographer of the Year 2024. His winning entry, ‘Whale Bones’, is a mesmerizing image that transports viewers beneath the icy expanse of the Greenland ice sheet, where a diver is seen exploring the skeletal remains of a minke whale. This striking composition not only showcases Dawson’s exceptional photographic skills but also highlights the haunting beauty of the underwater world.

A Competitive Field

The competition for this year’s award was fierce, with more than 6,500 entries submitted from photographers around the globe. Participants competed across 13 categories, including Macro, Wide-Angle, Behaviour, and Wreck, with an additional four categories dedicated to photos captured in British waters. Dawson’s ‘Whale Bones’ stood out among this impressive array of underwater photography, securing him the top honor in a contest renowned for its celebration of the planet’s aquatic environments.

Dawson’s Underwater Mastery

Alex Dawson’s achievement in the 2024 Underwater Photographer of the Year competition underscores his mastery of the art of underwater photography. His ability to capture the eerie tranquility of the underwater scene, paired with the compelling story of natural history that the whale bones narrate, speaks volumes of his photographic vision and technical expertise. Dawson’s work not only contributes to the genre of underwater photography but also serves as a poignant reminder of the natural wonders that lie beneath the surface, often unseen by the human eye.

The Significance of ‘Whale Bones’

The ‘Whale Bones’ image is more than just a visually stunning photograph; it is a window into the depths of our planet’s oceans and the mysteries they hold. Through Dawson’s lens, viewers are offered a rare glimpse of the remnants of marine life, preserved in the cold, dark waters beneath the ice. This image serves as a powerful testament to the beauty and fragility of the marine ecosystem, emphasizing the importance of conservation and the need to protect these invaluable underwater habitats.

A Celebration of Underwater Beauty

The Underwater Photographer of the Year competition continues to be a platform for showcasing the incredible talent of photographers who dive into the depths to bring the underwater world to the surface. Through their lenses, we are given the opportunity to appreciate the beauty, diversity, and complexity of aquatic life. Alex Dawson’s ‘Whale Bones’ is a remarkable addition to the legacy of the competition, reminding us of the profound connection between humanity and the sea, and the endless wonders that await exploration beneath the waves.



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