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Amara Raja to open a green hydrogen fuel outlet for NTPC in Leh

In Leh, Ladakh, Amara Raja Power Systems will build the country’s first green hydrogen fueling station for the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC). According to the Amara Raja company, the pilot project would create a minimum of 80 kg of 99.97 percent pure hydrogen each day, which will be compressed, stored, and delivered. The contract has been awarded to NTPC, which expects to operate five hydrogen fuel cell buses in the region.

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  • If completed successfully, the project will usher in an age of emission-free transportation in and around Leh, and India will join a select club of countries that are leading the way in green mobility.
  • Amara Raja will run and maintain the fueling station for three years at a cost of Rs 41 crore. Fuel prices, according to business sources, cannot be discussed at this time.
  • By dividing water into hydrogen and oxygen using an electrolysis process fueled by renewable energy sources, green hydrogen will be produced. There will be no carbon imprint from the hydrogen produced this way.
  • The project will be set up in Leh’s severe conditions, which include temperatures ranging from minus 14 to + 20 degrees Celsius at a height of 3,600 metres above sea level.
  • This will be a prelude to large-scale green hydrogen mobility and storage initiatives, as well as a vital tool for analysing and deploying fueling stations around the country, as part of the National Hydrogen Energy Mission.

About NTPC:

National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) Limited is an Indian public sector undertaking. It was involved in the generation of power as well as other related operations. It is a statutory corporation that was established under the Companies Act of 1956 and is owned by the Ministry of Power of the Government of India. The company’s headquarters are located in New Delhi. The generation and distribution of power to India’s State Electricity Boards is the fundamental role of NTPC.

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