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List of Top-10 Famous Female Wrestlers in India

Wrestling is a sport deeply embedded in India’s cultural and historical fabric. Over the years, the nation has produced numerous talented wrestlers, both male and female, who have earned international acclaim and brought pride to their country. This article will focus on the top-10 famous female wrestlers of India, who have not only made a name for themselves but also inspired a generation of aspiring athletes.

List of Top-10 Famous Female Wrestlers in India

Sakshi Malik, Geeta Phogat and Babita Phogat are some of the most famous female wrestlers in India who made history in the field of wrestling.

Here is the list of Top-10 famous female wrestlers in India:

Top-10 Famous Female Wrestlers in India
S. No. Name Achievements
1. Sakshi Malik Olympic bronze medalist
2. Vinesh Phogat Commonwealth Games gold medalist and Asian Games gold medalist
3. Babita Phogat Commonwealth Games gold medalist
4. Geeta Phogat First female Indian wrestler to qualify for the Olympics
5. Divya Kakran Bronze medalist at the Asian Games and Commonwealth Games
6. Alka Tomar Silver in 2021 Oslo World Wrestling Championships
7. Nisha Dahiya Bronze in 2021 Belgrade World U23 Championships
8. Geetika Jakhar Silver in Doha Asian Games 2006 and Silver in Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014


9. Anshu Malik Bronze medalist at the Asian Championships and Junior World Championships
10. Ritu Phogat Commonwealth Games gold medalist and ONE Championship fighter

Know About Top-10 Famous Female Wrestlers in India

1. Sakshi Malik

Sakshi Malik refused the job': Haryana minister rejects Olympian wrestler's claim state govt gave her no job | India News

Achievements: Bronze in 2016 Rio Olympics; Gold in 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games

Sakshi Mali’s historic 2016 Rio Olympic bronze marked her as India’s first female wrestling medalist. Hailing from Haryana, she entered the sport at 12, competing in the same category as Geeta Phogat. Her triumph as Geeta’s replacement defied doubters. Now with Indian Railways, she secured a gold in the 2022 Commonwealth Games and eyes the 2024 Paris Olympics for an elusive Olympic gold.

2. Vinesh Phogat


Injured Vinesh Phogat out of Asian Games, Antim to take her place - Hindustan Times

Achievements: Gold in 2018 Jakarta Asian Games; Gold in Commonwealth Games (2014, 2018 and 2022)

Vinesh Phogat, part of the renowned Phogat wrestling dynasty in Haryana, started her wrestling journey under the guidance of her uncle, Mahavir Singh Phogat. Despite a devastating knee injury during the 2016 Rio Olympics, Vinesh remains one of India’s most promising female wrestlers. Notably, she is the first Indian wrestler to secure gold at both the Commonwealth and Asian Games.

3. Babita Phogat

Who is Babita Phogat? Know India's champion wrestler

Achievement: Gold medal in Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014

Babita Kumari, a prominent Indian wrestler and a member of the Phogat family, is renowned for her international success. She and her sister Geeta were among the pioneering Indian women to make their mark in international wrestling. In the 55 kg weight class, Babita secured a gold medal at the 2014 Glasgow Olympics. Beyond her wrestling career, Babita ventured into politics in 2019, aligning herself with the nationalist Bhartiya Janta Party, where she is recognized for her vocal right-wing views.

4. Geeta Phogat

These 5 Quotes By Geeta Phogat Will Inspire You To Chase Your Dreams | HerZindagi

Achievement: Gold medal in 2010 New Delhi Commonwealth Games

Geeta Phogat, a trailblazing female wrestler in India, transformed the landscape of women’s wrestling. Trained by her father, Mahavir Singh Phogat, she overcame gender biases and trained with boys, ultimately clinching India’s first wrestling gold at the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Her remarkable journey symbolizes determination and breaking barriers.

5. Divya Kakran

Asian Games: Wrestler Divya Kakran bags bronze | Asian Games 2018 News - Times of India

Achievements: Bronze in 2018 Jakarta Asian Games; Bronze in 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games

Divya Kakran, an accomplished Indian wrestler from Uttar Pradesh, excels in the 68 kg category, boasting an impressive collection of national and international wrestling medals. Her wrestling journey commenced at the age of eight, inspired by her family. Despite financial hardships, she triumphed and even defeated Geeta Phogat in the Bharat Kesari competition. Notably, Divya secured bronze medals at the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games and the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

6. Alka Tomar

Achievement: Gold medal in 2010 New Delhi Commonwealth Games

Alka Tomar, a renowned Indian wrestler hailing from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, competed during the same era as Geeta Phogat. Her remarkable career includes representing India at the 2006 Doha Asian Games and the 2010 Commonwealth Games, where she secured bronze and gold medals, respectively. Alka holds the distinction of being the first Indian wrestler to claim a world championship medal. In 2011, she retired from active competition to pursue a coaching career, leaving an indelible mark on Indian women’s wrestling.

7. Nisha Dahiya

Nisha Dahiya wins silver at Asian wrestling meet | More sports News - Times of India

Achievement: Bronze in 2021 Belgrade World U23 Championships

Nisha Dahiya, a rising star in Indian wrestling, is gaining recognition as the future of female wrestling. Hailing from Haryana, this young athlete made waves by clinching a bronze medal at the U23 World Championships in 2021. Her exceptional talent has earned her praise from prominent wrestlers, marking her as a promising prospect in the sport.

8. Ritu Phogat

ONE Championship: Ritu Phogat warns Meng Bo not to underestimate her - Hindustan Times

Achievement: Gold medal in 2016 Commonwealth Wrestling Championship

Ritu Phogat, part of the renowned Phogat family and sibling to Geeta and Babita, initially showed immense wrestling potential. However, she shifted to mixed martial art in the ONE Championships, where her exceptional wrestling skills allow her to dominate opponents on the ground.

9. Geetika Jakhar

Geetika Jakhar: Indian wrestler, Biography, Birthday, Achievements

Achievements: Silver in Doha Asian Games 2006; Silver in Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014

Geetika Jakhar, a celebrated wrestler from Haryana, played a pioneering role in women’s wrestling in India. Coming from a family of athletes, she embraced wrestling during her teenage years, becoming one of India’s youngest female wrestlers. Her legacy includes silver medals at the 2006 Doha Asian Games and the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

10. Anshu Malik

CWG 2022: India's Anshu Malik wins silver in women's 57kg freestyle wrestling - Hindustan Times

Achievement: Silver in 2021 Oslo World Wrestling Championships

At only 21 years of age, Anshu Malik, a budding Indian wrestler from Haryana, is celebrated as one of the nation’s top athletes. Her formidable wrestling abilities have earned her international recognition, culminating in a historic silver medal win at the 2021 Oslo World Wrestling Championship, making her the first Indian woman to achieve this feat.

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