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Andhra Pradesh Initiates Caste Census, Second Only To Bihar


In a significant move, the YS Jagan Mohan Reddy government in Andhra Pradesh has initiated a comprehensive caste census, marking the state’s commitment to understanding and addressing the complex caste dynamics within its population. Launched with the aid of a specially designed phone app, this ambitious census aims to enumerate all castes in the state and is expected to be completed within the next 20 days to one month.

Andhra Pradesh now stands as the second state in the country, following Bihar, to undertake such a comprehensive caste enumeration.

Utilizing Technology: The Special Phone App

The cornerstone of this census initiative is a dedicated phone app developed by the government, enabling a more efficient and streamlined data collection process. The app offers more than 700 caste options for the public to choose from, with a notable inclusion being the ‘No caste’ option. The utilization of technology not only expedites the data collection process but also ensures greater accuracy in recording and categorizing the diverse range of castes in the state.

Engaging Local Resources: Village and Ward Volunteers

To ensure the success of this extensive census, the government has enlisted the support of village and ward volunteers. These grassroots workers, in collaboration with ward and village secretariats, play a crucial role in conducting the census at the ground level. Special training has been provided to these volunteers and staff to facilitate a thorough and unbiased enumeration process.

Political Landscape: Elections and Changing Caste Matrix

The timing of this caste census is noteworthy, occurring just months before the general elections in Andhra Pradesh. The move comes against the backdrop of a changing caste matrix in the state following the electoral alliance announcement between Jana Sena and TDP. The YSRCP government, having previously passed a resolution urging a nationwide caste census, appears to be addressing the evolving political landscape by initiating this comprehensive enumeration.

Inclusive Approach: Roundtable Meetings and Public Participation

Prior to the launch of the caste census, the government organized roundtable meetings across different parts of the state. These meetings provided a platform for representatives from various caste groups to voice suggestions or objections, ensuring a more inclusive and representative enumeration process. The proactive engagement with diverse communities reflects a commitment to transparency and fairness.

Caste Composition: A Glimpse into Andhra Pradesh’s Demography

According to preliminary estimates, Backward Classes (BCs), encompassing approximately 143 different caste groups, make up around 37 percent of the state’s population, which is estimated to be around 4.98 crore. Additionally, Kapus and various Other Backward Classes (OBC) groups hold numerical significance, constituting around 15 percent of the overall population. This insight into the caste composition lays the foundation for targeted policy interventions and social development initiatives.

Important Questions Related to Exams

1. Which state in India became the first to launch a comprehensive caste census before Andhra Pradesh?

2. What option has been provided in the mobile application for individuals who do not wish to disclose their caste during the census?

3. In terms of population, approximately what percentage do Backward Classes (BCs) constitute in Andhra Pradesh?

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