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Anup Jalota released book “Udaan Ek Majdoor Bachhe Ki” authored by Mithilesh Tiwari

Anup Jalota released book "Udaan Ek Majdoor Bachhe Ki" authored by Mithilesh Tiwari_4.1

Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota has released the book “Udaan Ek Majdoor Bachhe Ki” by Captain AD Manek in a glittering program organized by Shailesh B Tiwari of P Club Education Pvt Ltd in Mumbai. The author of this book is Mithilesh Tiwari. This book is about the life journey of Captain AD Manek, how he travelled from zero to pinnacle in his career graph.

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The family of Captain AD Manek is also known as the Flying Family of India. His wife is a hobby flyer while his two sons are professional pilots. One daughter-in-law is the air hostess and the other daughter-in-law is the aircraft dispatcher. All 6 members of this family are serving in the Indian Aviation Industry. They also help aspiring pilots financially. Her students include India’s first woman helicopter pilot Captain Aruna Dukhande and India’s youngest commercial pilot Ms. Maitri Patel (19 years) and India’s first youngest glider pilot Richa Waiker (15 years old).

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Anup Jalota released book "Udaan Ek Majdoor Bachhe Ki" authored by Mithilesh Tiwari_5.1

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