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APEDA Partners With Lulu Hypermarket To Boost Indian Agri-Product Exports


The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), under the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the renowned global retail giant, Lulu Hypermarket LLC. The MoU, which centers on promoting Brand India on a global scale, was officially signed at the World India Food (WIF) 2023 event on November 3, 2023, in New Delhi.

Uniting Forces for Global Promotion

  • The primary objective of this MoU is to foster the export of Indian agricultural products, including a focus on Millets, to the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCCs).
  • LuLu Group International (LLC), the partner in this endeavor, boasts a strong presence across the GCC, Egypt, India, and the Far East with a network encompassing 247 LuLu stores in operation and 24 shopping malls.
  • The LuLu Group has earned a reputation as the fastest-growing retail chain in the Middle East and Asia, making it an ideal partner for APEDA’s mission.

Showcasing APEDA Products

  • The MoU also outlines plans for promotional activities for APEDA’s scheduled products within the extensive retail chain of LuLu Hypermarket.
  • Under the terms of the agreement, Lulu Group has committed to actively promoting and showcasing a wide range of products from APEDA’s basket of agricultural and processed food products in their retail outlets.
  • To ensure maximum visibility and impact, a dedicated shelf space, special sections, or aisles, will be allocated within LuLu Group’s stores for prominently displaying APEDA’s products.

Engaging Consumers and Creating Awareness

  • APEDA and LuLu Group plan to engage with consumers through a series of activities to inform and educate consumers about the benefits of ethnic, unique, and Geographical Indication (GI)-tagged agricultural products.
  • The activities consist of interactive events, sampling/tasting campaigns, season-specific promotions for fruits and vegetables, new product launches, and the promotion of products originating from the Himalayan and North Eastern States, organic products, and more.

Supporting Exports from Himalayan and North Eastern States

  • In addition to the primary agreement, APEDA facilitated the signing of MoUs with various entities from Himalayan and North Eastern states.
  • These include the Arunachal Pradesh Marketing Board, Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences & Technology, Jammu, and Meghalaya Agricultural Marketing Board.
  • These additional MoUs are aimed at unlocking the export potential from these regions, further diversifying the range of products available for global consumers.

Maximizing Information Dissemination and Feedback

  • The collaborative promotional activities are expected to ensure that information about Indian agricultural products, particularly those with unique regional and cultural significance, reaches consumers in the destination countries.
  • The MoU emphasizes the active collection of feedback from consumers to continually improve product offerings and better meet their preferences and needs.

Expanding the Global Reach

  • The MoU also includes a commitment to explore opportunities for the export of agricultural products through LuLu Group’s extensive international network of stores to expand the global reach of Indian agricultural products and make them more accessible to consumers around the world.

Meeting International Requirements

  • The MoU underlines LuLu Group’s commitment to assist in the labeling of products according to the specific requirements of different importing countries. Both parties will collaboratively decide on commercial matters and applicable terms to ensure the smooth execution of the agreement.

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