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Apple and CleanMax Collaborate to Advance Renewable Energy in India

Apple has partnered with CleanMax to deploy 14.4 megawatts of rooftop solar installations across six industrial sites in India, aimed at reducing emissions associated with its operations in the country.

Joint Venture Overview

  • Apple and CleanMax have established a joint venture to invest in renewable energy projects in India.
  • The venture has already installed rooftop solar solutions across six industrial sites, totaling 14.4 megawatts.

Environmental Impact

The installations are expected to mitigate approximately 207,000 tons of carbon emissions throughout their operational lifespan.

Innovative Business Model

The collaboration features a unique business model where the environmental benefits support Apple’s efforts to address emissions from its operations in India.

Localized Energy Solutions

The additional capacity from the solar projects will power Apple’s offices, retail stores, and other operations in India, contributing to the company’s commitment to 100% renewable energy globally since 2018.

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