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AUKUS Partnership to Build Australia’s SSN-AUKUS Submarines

The United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia have forged the AUKUS partnership to bolster trilateral security and construct nuclear-powered submarines for the Royal Australian Navy. This landmark agreement signifies a significant advancement in defense collaboration among the three nations.

1. Submarine Construction

  • Collaboration between Australia’s ASC and UK-based BAE Systems to construct submarines.
  • Primarily based on a British design with incorporation of US weapons system.
  • Australia plans to have eight nuclear-powered submarines operational by the 2050s.

2. Capabilities

  • Equipped for intelligence, surveillance, undersea warfare, and strike operations.
  • Enhanced stealth and quietness compared to Australia’s current diesel-powered fleet.
  • Maximizing interoperability among AUKUS partners.

3. Funding

  • Australia commits 4.6 billion Australian dollars to British industry for SSN-AUKUS submarines.
  • Significant investments from all AUKUS partners to ensure program success.
  • Transformation and integration of trilateral industrial bases to support SSN cooperation.

4. Regional Concerns

  • China expresses concerns over potential arms race in the Asia-Pacific region due to the AUKUS deal.
  • China’s military modernization and assertiveness in the South China Sea and towards Taiwan are highlighted.


  • First instance of a country obtaining capability to build nuclear-powered submarines and continuing production indefinitely.
  • Australian funding for British industry follows a defense and security pact with the UK aimed at addressing challenges such as China’s increased activity in the South China Sea and South Pacific.
  • Taiwan detects 36 Chinese military aircraft around the island, marking the highest number in 2024, coinciding with the AUKUS announcement.

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