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Ayodhya Ram Temple’s Solar-Powered “Surya Tilak” for Ram Lalla

The Ayodhya Ram Temple, a site of immense religious significance in India, is set to introduce a groundbreaking feature – a solar-powered “Surya Tilak” for the deity Ram Lalla. This initiative, blending spirituality with scientific innovation, highlights India’s commitment to sustainable practices in cultural and religious celebrations.

The Surya Tilak Mechanism

Concept and Design

The “Surya Tilak” is an ingenious system designed to adorn the forehead of Lord Ram’s idol with sunlight in the form of a ‘Tilak’ (a traditional Hindu mark worn on the forehead). This unique feature is planned exclusively for the annual Ram Navami celebration, marking Lord Ram’s birth.

Technical Execution

Developed by a team from the Central Building Research Institute (CBRI), led by Odia scientist Saroj Kumar Panigrahi, the project involves no electricity, battery, iron, or steel. It is a manually operated system made of brass, ensuring the traditional ethos of the temple is maintained.

The optomechanical system, stationed on the third floor of the temple, comprises high-quality mirrors and lenses arranged in a specific sequence to channel sunlight onto the idol. The system’s design accounts for the changing position of the sun on Ram Navami each year, ensuring accuracy for the ritual.

Ayodhya Ram Temple Collaboration and Contributions

Several institutes under the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) have contributed to the Ram Temple’s construction, including structural design and the Surya Tilak mechanism. Notable contributions came from institutes like NGRI, IIA Bengaluru, and IHBT Palampur.

Ayodhya Ram Temple Cultural and Spiritual Significance

The Surya Tilak, more than just a technological marvel, represents a deep cultural and spiritual symbolism. It resonates with the solar lineage of Lord Ram, reflecting the blend of ancient traditions with modern technology. This feature is a testament to India’s ability to innovate while preserving its rich cultural heritage.

Important Questions Related to Exams

  1. How does the solar-powered “Surya Tilak” operate in the Ayodhya Ram Temple?
  2. Which institutes under the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) contributed to the construction of the Ram Temple, including the Surya Tilak mechanism?
  3. What makes the Surya Tilak system unique in terms of its construction materials and operation?
  4. Which annual celebration is the Surya Tilak specifically planned for in the Ayodhya Ram Temple?
  5. How does the optomechanical system of the Surya Tilak ensure accuracy for the ritual on Ram Navami?
  6. In what way does the Surya Tilak reflect India’s commitment to sustainable practices in religious celebrations?
  7. How does the Surya Tilak showcase the fusion of ancient traditions with modern technology at the Ayodhya Ram Temple?

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