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Baijnath Aggarwal, trustee of Geeta Press Gorakhpur, Passes Away

Baijnath Agarwal, the dedicated trustee of Gita Press Gorakhpur, passed away at the age of 90, leaving behind a legacy of unwavering commitment to social welfare. As a trustee for 40 years, Agarwal’s life was marked by his relentless efforts to create positive social change. He had been associated with Gita Press for an astounding 73 years, having joined in 1950.

Gita Press Awarded the Gandhi Peace Prize 2021

In a remarkable recognition of its contribution to social, economic, and political transformation through non-violent and Gandhian methods, Gita Press, Gorakhpur, was honored with the prestigious Gandhi Peace Prize for the year 2021. The award, instituted by the Government of India in 1995, serves as a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi’s ideals and is open to individuals of all nationalities, races, languages, castes, creeds, and genders. The accolade includes a grant of ₹1 crore, a citation, a plaque, and a traditional handicraft/handloom item.

Gita Press: A Global Publishing Powerhouse

Founded in 1923, Gita Press stands as one of the world’s largest publishers, with an impressive track record of publishing 41.7 crore books in 14 languages. Notably, their publications include a staggering 16.21 crore copies of the revered Shrimad Bhagavad Gita. The institution’s contributions to literature and spiritual wisdom have left an indelible mark on society, making it a deserving recipient of the prestigious Gandhi Peace Prize.

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