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Bandhan Life Insurance Unveils New Identity and Growth Strategy

Bandhan Life Insurance, formerly known as Aegon Life Insurance, has rebranded itself with the tagline ‘Bharat Ki Udaan, Bandhan Se’, reflecting its commitment to empowering the aspirations of India. Under the ownership of Bandhan Financial Holdings, the company is embarking on an aggressive growth strategy, aiming to recruit 1,000 new employees and expand its customer base.

Transition and Vision

Satishwar B., MD and CEO of Bandhan Life, emphasizes the transformative nature of this transition as the company joins the renowned Bandhan Group. With a vision set for the next five years, Bandhan Life aims to emerge as a leading multi-channel insurance provider, focusing on digital innovation, robust distribution, and service excellence.

Enhanced Offerings and Brand Identity

The revamped product names, such as Bandhan Life iTerm Prime, signal a shift towards a more comprehensive and customer-centric approach. The new logo, depicting a growing bud, symbolizes the company’s dedication to nurturing the dreams and aspirations of India. Customers are encouraged to explore these enhanced offerings on the company’s website, reflecting Bandhan Life’s commitment to providing value across all relevant product categories.

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