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Bank of Baroda’s Subsidiary ‘BOB Financial Solutions Limited’ Rebranded as ‘BOBCARD Limited’ with “Credit Reimagined” Tagline

In a strategic move, Bank of Baroda’s wholly-owned subsidiary for cards, ‘BOB Financial Solutions Limited’, has undergone a rebranding, emerging as ‘BOBCARD Limited’ with the tagline “Credit Reimagined.” The transformation includes a distinctive logo named ‘Baroda Sun,’ featuring dual ‘B’ letterforms enveloping the rays of a rising sun. This initiative signifies a revitalized commitment to reshaping India’s credit landscape by offering innovative and customer-centric credit solutions.

Customer-Centric Approach and Innovation

The rebranding signifies a revitalized commitment to providing excellent credit solutions and customer-centric offerings. BOBCARD aims to differentiate itself as a forward-thinking financial partner, emphasizing adaptability and a focus on elevating financial experiences.

Targeting the Younger Demographic

With a keen eye on the younger demographic, BOBCARD aspires to inspire financial excellence and capitalization on opportunities for prosperity. The company seeks to position itself as a dynamic entity in the financial landscape, catering to diverse customer needs.

Diverse Credit Card Offerings

BOBCARD offers an extensive range of consumer and commercial credit cards, including those tailored for shopping, travel, and business needs of large corporates and MSMEs. The company also provides exclusive credit cards for Defense Personnel, professionals, and co-branded cards with various partners.

Impressive Market Presence

As of December 2023, BOBCARD boasts 22.4 lakh outstanding credit cards, underscoring its significant presence in the market. The company also serves as the merchant payment processing partner for Bank of Baroda’s merchant acquiring business.


Bank of Baroda's Subsidiary 'BOB Financial Solutions Limited' Rebranded as 'BOBCARD Limited' with "Credit Reimagined" Tagline_40.1


Bank of Baroda's Subsidiary 'BOB Financial Solutions Limited' Rebranded as 'BOBCARD Limited' with "Credit Reimagined" Tagline_50.1