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Bapu Tower: A Monumental Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi in Patna, Bihar

In the heart of Patna, Bihar, a new landmark has emerged as a monumental tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, fondly known as the Father of the Nation. The Bapu Tower, located in Gardanibagh, stands as a testament to the enduring legacy and ideals of Mahatma Gandhi. This tower, the first of its kind in the country dedicated to Gandhi, has been completed, marking a significant milestone in the architectural and cultural landscape of Bihar.

A Dream Project of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar

The Bapu Tower, towering at a height of 120 feet and comprising six stories, is the realization of a dream project envisioned by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. The tower is not just an architectural marvel but also a hub for learning and reflection on Gandhi’s life and contributions to India’s freedom struggle and his universal principles of peace, non-violence, and harmony.

Architectural Splendor and Educational Hub

The Bapu Tower offers visitors a unique experience with its turntable theatre show on the ground floor, where Gandhi’s biography comes to life. The structure, designed to facilitate an immersive journey through Gandhi’s history, includes both circular and rectangular buildings that guide tourists through an engaging narrative of Bapu’s life and legacy.

An exhibition relating to the history of Gandhiji and Bihar, organized within the tower, has been set up at a cost of about Rs 45 crore. It features sculptures and artefacts that have been meticulously crafted in a factory in Ahmedabad, adding depth and authenticity to the visitor experience.

An Artistic Marvel with Environmental Consciousness

A striking feature of the Bapu Tower is its exterior copper layer, weighing 42 thousand kg, which adorns the circular building’s outer wall. This copper facade undergoes a beautiful transformation into rainbow colours due to the reaction of oxygen and nitrogen, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the tower. Additionally, the tower’s construction has embraced green technology, reflecting high standards of environmental management and sustainable development.

The Tower’s Inauguration and Construction Journey

The construction of the Bapu Tower, which began on October 2, 2018, has seen several extensions from its initial completion target. Finally completed, the tower is set to be inaugurated on February 4, 2024, serving as a beacon of Gandhian principles and a source of inspiration for future generations.

The construction cost of the Bapu Tower is Rs 129 crore, a significant investment in preserving and promoting the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi. The tower, spread over seven acres, includes various galleries, research centres, lounges for distinguished guests, and administrative offices, making it a comprehensive educational and cultural hub.

A Catalyst for Learning and Inspiration

Bapu Tower is poised to become a vital resource for children, students, researchers, and anyone interested in Gandhi’s principles. With its extensive exhibition of historical events, Gandhi’s thoughts, and his profound connection with Bihar, the tower offers an enlightening experience that goes beyond conventional memorials.

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  4. When did the construction of the Bapu Tower begin, and when is it scheduled to be inaugurated?

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