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Beijing Faces Historic Flooding as China Witnesses Highest Rainfall in 140 Years

China’s capital, Beijing, experienced a historic deluge, recording a staggering 744.8 millimeters of rainfall over the course of five days. This torrential downpour, the highest in 140 years, was triggered by the remnants of Typhoon Doksuri, leaving streets submerged and residents stranded. The disaster has resulted in tragic fatalities, with at least 21 people losing their lives and 26 others still reported missing. Beijing and the surrounding province of Hebei faced severe flooding, causing extensive damage to infrastructure and posing a significant challenge to rescue operations.

Unprecedented Rainfall in Beijing:

The Beijing Meteorological Bureau reported that the city received 744.8 millimeters of rain between Saturday and Wednesday morning. This surpasses all historical records dating back to at least 1883, highlighting the severity of the weather event. The city’s usually dry summers were disrupted by the unanticipated onslaught of rainfall, causing devastation in its wake.

Fatalities and Missing Persons:

As a consequence of the rain-related incidents, 21 people have lost their lives, and 26 others remain unaccounted for. Tragedy struck during a rescue operation, where a brave rescuer, Wang Hong-chun, lost her life when the rubber boat she was in flipped over in a treacherous, fast-flowing river. The situation remains critical, as rescue teams continue their search for missing individuals.

Hebei Province Suffers Severe Flooding:

The neighboring province of Hebei also experienced extreme flooding due to the relentless rainfall. Water levels rose dangerously, leading to the destruction of roads, power outages, and disruption of drinking water supply. The province’s small city, Zhuozhou, bore the brunt of the catastrophe, forcing the relocation of nearly 850,000 people to safer areas.

Record-Breaking Nature of the Rainfall:

The previous record for rainfall in Beijing dates back to 1891 when the city received 609 millimeters of rain. However, this recent deluge surpassed that historic record, setting a new precedent in the city’s weather history. The magnitude of the rainfall indicates the severity of climate events in recent times.

Typhoon Doksuri and Typhoon Khanun:

The rainfall resulted from the remnants of Typhoon Doksuri, which has now been downgraded to a tropical storm. Despite this, Typhoon Khanun poses an additional threat, with predictions of its path heading toward China later in the week. With surface winds of up to 180 kph, the storm may also impact Taiwan before making landfall in China, necessitating evacuation measures and disaster preparedness.

Emergency Relief Efforts:

In response to the disaster, the central government has allocated 44 million yuan ($6.1 million) for disaster relief in the affected provinces. Thousands of people have been evacuated to shelters in schools and public buildings in suburban Beijing and nearby cities to ensure their safety and well-being.

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