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Best Airline in the World 2024, List of Top-10

In the dynamic realm of aviation, excellence is not just a goal; it’s a standard upheld by the world’s leading airlines. As the global travel landscape evolves, passengers seek not only safety and reliability but also unparalleled comfort and service. In 2024, these airlines have risen to the forefront, earning accolades and admiration for their commitment to delivering exceptional experiences in the skies.

World’s Best Airlines 2024

Singapore Airlines, hailed as the Best Airline in the World 2024, owes its success to unparalleled customer service. Its gourmet in-flight menus, crafted by renowned chefs across all classes, and cutting-edge entertainment system set industry standards. With a fleet of over 180 aircraft, including its budget carrier Scoot, Singapore Airlines serves over 110 destinations, cementing its position as a global leader in air travel excellence.

Top-10 Best Airlines in the World 2024

Singapore Airlines, with a fleet of over 180 aircraft, holds the title of best Airline in the world 2024, followed by Qatar Airways, ANA All Nippon Airways, and Emirates.

Here is the list of top-10 best airlines in the world by 2024:

Best Airlines of the World 2024
Rank Airline Description
1. Singapore Airlines Renowned for exceptional customer service, Singapore Airlines offers gourmet meals and state-of-the-art entertainment across its network of 110 destinations, including those served by its budget carrier, Scoot.
2. Qatar Airways Qatar Airways, based in Doha, boasts a modern fleet and luxurious onboard experience, serving over 150 global destinations with its award-winning service and fine cuisine.
3. ANA All Nippon Airways ANA, Japan’s largest airline, operates a dual hub model from Tokyo’s Narita and Haneda airports, connecting passengers to 82 international and 118 domestic routes. A Star Alliance member since 1999, ANA offers seamless connections across North America, Asia, and China.
4. Emirates Emirates, based in Dubai, operates a vast network of 152 destinations across six continents. With a fleet of 262 modern aircraft, Emirates is renowned for its culturally diverse workforce and award-winning services, making it the largest international airline in 2020.
5. Japan Airlines Japan Airlines, with a fleet of over 230 aircraft, offers flights to 95 destinations across 20 territories. As a oneworld Alliance member since 2007, Japan Airlines is known for its rich history and commitment to traditional Japanese hospitality, ensuring the highest levels of flight safety and quality service.
6. Turkish Airlines Turkish Airlines, a Star Alliance member, flies to more than 300 destinations worldwide with a fleet exceeding 300 aircraft. Founded in 1933, Turkish Airlines proudly represents Turkey on the global stage, offering unparalleled connectivity and service excellence.
7. Air France Operating 1,500 daily flights, Air France is a leading European carrier with hubs at Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam-Schiphol. As part of the Air France-KLM Group, it offers access to 312 destinations in 116 countries, ensuring a pleasurable travel experience for passengers.
8. Cathay Pacific Airways Cathay Pacific Group serves over 200 destinations across Asia, North America, Australia, Europe, and Africa. As a founder member of the oneworld alliance, Cathay Pacific upholds its reputation for excellence in passenger and cargo services, providing seamless travel experiences.
9. EVA Air EVA Air, a member of Star Alliance, connects Asia and China to Europe, North America, and Oceania, serving over 60 major business and tourist destinations. Operating from Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan, EVA Air offers global connectivity with a focus on passenger comfort and convenience.
10. Korean Air Korean Air, a founding member of SkyTeam, operates from its hub at Incheon Airport in Seoul, serving 125 destinations across 44 countries. With a fleet of 169 aircraft, Korean Air is committed to providing excellence in passenger, cargo, and in-flight services, aiming to be a respected leader in the global airline community.

Best Airline of the World – Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines - An Excellent, Iconic Asian Brand - Martin Roll

Renowned as the epitome of excellence in the aviation industry, Singapore Airlines attributes its success to its unwavering commitment to superior customer service. Across all cabin classes, passengers indulge in gourmet culinary delights crafted by globally acclaimed chefs, complemented by a cutting-edge in-flight entertainment system offering a plethora of entertainment options, from movies to music and games. Alongside its subsidiary, Scoot, Singapore Airlines boasts a fleet exceeding 180 aircraft, connecting travelers to over 110 destinations worldwide.

Second Best Airline in the World – Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways Signs Deal with Shell for Sustainable Aviation Fuel Supply at  Amsterdam Schiphol Airport | Qatar Airways Newsroom

As the pride of Qatar, Qatar Airways stands as the esteemed national carrier, headquartered in Doha. Renowned for its pioneering onboard offerings, the airline prioritizes passenger comfort, exquisite cuisine, cutting-edge in-flight entertainment, and award-winning service. With a modern fleet averaging approximately 5 years old, Qatar Airways serves over 150 prominent business and leisure destinations across the globe. Its expansive network spans continents, connecting travelers to Australia, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America, and South America, making it the second-best airline in the world.

World’s Third Best Airlines – ANA All Nippon Airways

ANA (All Nippon Airways) Reviews and Flights - Tripadvisor

Established in 1952 with humble beginnings of just two helicopters, ANA has evolved into Japan’s largest airline and a prominent player in the Asian aviation landscape. With a robust network comprising 82 international and 118 domestic routes, ANA offers travelers unparalleled connectivity across Japan and beyond. Its unique dual hub model in Tokyo, leveraging Narita and Haneda airports, facilitates seamless travel experiences for passengers, enabling same-day connections to North American, Asian, and Chinese cities. As a member of the prestigious Star Alliance since 1999, ANA proudly stands as the third-best airline globally.

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Which is the best airline in the world?

ngapore Airlines, with a fleet of over 180 aircraft, holds the title of best Airline in the world 2024.

Which is the second best airline in the world?

As the pride of Qatar, Qatar Airways stands as the esteemed national carrier and the second best airline in the world, headquartered in Doha.

Which is the best airline in India?

IndiGo is the biggest airline in India (by market share). It is a low-cost carrier that operates over 1,700 flights per day to over 100 destinations in India and internationally.

Name the top-5 best airlines in the world.

The top-5 best airlines in the world are: Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, ANA All Nippon Airways, Emirates, and Japan Airlines.

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