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Bharat Botanics To Open India’s Largest Cold Oil Production Facility In Gujarat


Recently, Bharat Botanics announced the opening of its cutting-edge wood-pressed Cold Oil processing facility in Gondal, Rajkot Gujarat. This 16,000 square feet automated facility is one of its kind, promoting 100% hygiene and transparency, marking a significant step towards healthier living, sustainability, and providing healthy edible oils for every customer it serves.

Bharat Botanics’ Co-Founder, Mr. Manish Popat, on Expanding Production Capacity

  • Mr. Manish Popat, Co-Founder of Bharat Botanics, emphasizes, ‘We’re excited to announce the expansion of our production capacity to meet the exponential rise in demand for our products from the 12,000 direct B2C customers we have served.’
  • He further stated, ‘At Bharat Botanics’ facility, seeds are crushed using traditionalWooden Ghani’s” with the cold-pressed technique, resulting in natural, chemical-free edible oils rich in healthy nutrients, natural flavor, and a scintillating aroma.’

Bharat Botanics: A Beacon of Profitable Innovation and Commitment to Quality

  • Bharat Botanics is among rare profit-making startups, and the idea to have their production facility was due to the high-quality standards they set for their products.
  • Their products are not just a symbol of Atmanirbharta; they are a testament to dedication to local communities, environmental responsibility, and fostering a culture of wellness.

A Rich Range of Health-Enhancing Oils

  • Bharat Botanics offers a wide range of natural products, including a variety of wood-pressed oils, such as Groundnut oil, Coconut (Kopra) Oil, Sesame (Til) Oil, Mustard (Rai) Oil, Castor (Arandia) Oil, Sunflower (Surajmukhi) Oil, Safflower Oil, Almond Oil, and many more.
  • These oils elevate culinary excellence, promote heart health, regulate blood pressure, nourish skin, boost immunity, and enrich the overall lifestyle.

About Bharat Botanics

  • Bharat Botanics is India’s leading wood-pressed edible oil (B2C) brand, known for its pure, chemical-free, and natural oils.
  • With a commitment to quality, health, and sustainability, Bharat Botanics sources the finest seeds and nuts from farmers in India and employs traditional methods to produce premium wood-pressed oils.
  • This marks a significant step towards a healthier India, one that embraces natural, chemical-free edible oils and encourages sustainability in the process.

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