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“Bharat: The Mother of Democracy” Portal Unveiled at G20 Exhibition

On the eve of the G20 leadership summit, the Ministry of Culture unveiled a remarkable online portal titled “Bharat: The Mother of Democracy.” This portal serves as a comprehensive digital exhibition chronicling the rich history of democracy in India, spanning an astonishing 7,000 years – from the Sindhu-Saraswati civilization to the year 2019.

Key Highlights of the “Bharat: The Mother of Democracy” Portal:

Historical Perspective:

    • The portal provides an in-depth exploration of the history of democracy in India.
    • Covers 7,000 years of democratic evolution, beginning with the Sindhu-Saraswati civilization.

Multilingual Accessibility:

    • Available in 16 languages, ensuring a global audience can access its content.
    • Supported languages include German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Russian, English, and Hindi.

Structured Sections:

    • The portal is thoughtfully organized into five main sections, each with 22 sub-sections.
    • These sections encapsulate different eras and aspects of India’s democratic journey.

Sindhu-Saraswati Civilization (6000-2000 BCE):

    • Explores the democratic ethos of ancient India during this period.

Mahajanapada and Gantantra (7-8 BCE):

    • Delves into the emergence of republics and democracy in early India.

Vijaynagar Empire (14-16 century):

    • Sheds light on the democratic practices of the Vijaynagar Empire.

Mughal Emperor Akbar Reign (1556-1605):

    • Highlights the democratic elements during Akbar’s rule.

Constitution of India (1947):

    • Covers the making of India’s constitution, a pivotal moment in its democratic history.

Elections in Modern India (1952 Onwards):

    • Explores the democratic electoral processes post-independence.

Curatorial Expertise:

    • The portal is meticulously curated by the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA), ensuring the accuracy and richness of the content.

Website Access:

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