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Biggest Festival in the World, List of Top-10

Festivals are a vibrant tapestry that weaves together cultural, religious, and social celebrations, showcasing the diversity and richness of human traditions across the globe. From religious ceremonies to colorful carnivals, each festival is a unique expression of heritage and community. In this article, we will explore the top 10 biggest festivals in the world, highlighting the grandeur and significance that make them global spectacles.

What is a Festival?

A festival is a cultural, religious, or social event marked by celebrations, often involving music, dance, food, and rituals. It serves as a joyous gathering that fosters community spirit, showcases traditions, and brings people together in shared revelry.

World’s Largest Festival, Know the Name

Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival, the world’s largest festival, captivates millions annually with its extravagant parades and pulsating energy. More than a visual spectacle, Carnival embodies a celebration of culture, art, and tradition. The lively streets reverberate with the infectious rhythms of live samba bands, offering a unique experience for both passionate partygoers and enchanted spectators. This grand event, among the top ten festivals globally, unites a diverse global community, fostering a shared appreciation for the joyous spectacle of performance art. Carnival in Rio is a dazzling fusion of color, music, and tradition that transcends borders and beckons revelers worldwide.

Significance of Biggest Festival of the World

The significance of the world’s largest festival, Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival, extends beyond its sheer size and extravagance. It serves as a global celebration that unites people from diverse backgrounds, transcending cultural and geographical boundaries. Carnival is a testament to the universal human desire for joy, expression, and communal celebration. Its grandiosity reflects the resilience of traditions, showcasing the importance of cultural preservation amid a changing world. As a symbol of collective revelry, the festival fosters a sense of community and shared humanity, reminding us of the power of festivities to bring people together in the spirit of cultural appreciation and sheer delight.

Top-10 Largest Festivals in the World

Carnival, Rio de Janeiro of Brazil, famous for colorful parades and surging energy, holds the title of the biggest festival in the world, followed by Oktoberfest (Germany), Diwali (India) and Mardi Gras (USA).

Here is the list of top-10 biggest festivals in the world:

Largest Festivals in the World
S. No. Festival Location
1. Carnival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2. Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany Munich, Germany
3. Diwali, India India
4. Mardi Gras, New Orleans, USA New Orleans, USA
5. La Tomatina, Buñol, Spain Buñol, Spain
6. Holi, India India
7. Chinese New Year, China China
8. Songkran, Thailand Thailand
9. Cherry Blossom Festival, Japan Japan
10. Glastonbury Festival, UK Somerset, United Kingdom

World’s Biggest Festival – Carnival Festival

Carnival | LearnEnglish

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Celebrated: February or Early March

Rio’s Carnaval, the world’s grandest festival, transforms the Brazilian capital into a 10-day whirlwind of samba, floats, and unbridled celebration. The Sambodromo’s paid parades are a must, with Sunday and Monday showcasing the finest performances. For a star-studded experience, Copacabana Palace’s Magic Ball is elite, though pricey. Opt for the lively Scal club galas or join the vibrant blocos for free street revelry, with Banda de Ipanema and Carmelitas as top picks. Immerse in the world’s most spectacular carnival with unforgettable moments and infectious energy.

Second Biggest Festival in the World – Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest - Wikipedia

Location: Munich, Germany

Celebrated: September

Munich’s Oktoberfest, the globe’s second-largest festival, captivates from mid- to late-September until the first Sunday in October. Boasting over six million attendees, it merges a colossal beer celebration with a vibrant carnival. Commencing as a 16-day affair, it now extends up to 18 days, honoring Bavarian culture since 1810.

Third Biggest Festival in the World – Diwali

What is Diwali? | University of Central Florida News

Location: India

Celebrated: October or November

Diwali, the world’s third-largest festival, unfolds over five days in India, renowned as the Festival of Lights. Marking the triumph of good over evil, it involves prayers, gift-giving, home decoration with traditional lamps, and lively dances. Families gather for a special puja, culminating in a dazzling firework display symbolizing joy and offering to the gods. Diwali’s allure transcends Hinduism, drawing diverse participants to experience the vibrant celebrations in India’s major cities.

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Which is the biggest festival in the world?

Carnival, Rio de Janeiro of Brazil, famous for colorful parades and surging energy, holds the title of the biggest festival in the world.

Which is the biggest festival in Asia?

One of the largest festivals in Asia is Diwali, also known as the “festival of lights”. Observed by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains around the world, it commemorates the triumph of good over evil.

Which is India's biggest festival?

Diwali, or Dipawali, is India's biggest and most important holiday of the year. The festival gets its name from the row (avali) of clay lamps (deepa) that Indians light outside their homes to symbolize the inner light that protects from spiritual darkness.

Which country has the highest festivals?

The most festival country in the world is India I guess as we have many festivals from different religions, there are so many festivals that have been hidden or not revealed till now. In India, people pray for animals, land, water, air, fire, etc.

Which is the festival city of the world?

Edinburgh is the world's leading festival city, with a range of major annual festivals bringing talents from more than a third of the world's countries to our streets and stages.

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