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Biswanath Ghat In Assam, Has Been Chosen As The Best Tourism Village of India In 2023


In a recent announcement, the Ministry of Tourism has declared Biswanath Ghat in Assam as the Best Tourism Village of India for the year 2023. This recognition comes after an extensive selection process that involved reviewing 791 applications from 31 different states and union territories across the country. Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma expressed his delight at this achievement, highlighting the immense efforts made by the government to promote rural tourism in the state.

Biswanath Ghat: A Spiritual Oasis and “Gupta Kashi” of Assam

Biswanath Ghat, situated to the south of Biswanath Chariali Town, is famously referred to as ‘Gupta Kashi.’ This name is derived from the ancient Biswanath temple in the town and draws a parallel with Kashi during the illustrious Gupta Empire era. This picturesque ghat is adorned with a collection of temples dedicated to various deities. Notably, a Shiva temple graces the confluence of the Bridhaganga (Burigonga) River with the Brahmaputra.

Assam: A Diverse Tourist Destination

Assam, known for its diverse landscape and rich cultural heritage, offers a wide range of attractions to tourists. From picturesque hills to serene wetlands and lush reserve forests, the state provides visitors with a truly immersive travel experience. Assam’s unique blend of food, culture, rural landscapes, and abundant flora and fauna make it a must-visit destination for both domestic and international travelers.

One of the standout features of Assam’s tourism landscape is its sprawling tea gardens. These lush plantations not only produce some of the world’s finest teas but also offer a serene setting for visitors to explore. Additionally, the natural green golf courses in the region serve as another major draw for golf enthusiasts and those seeking relaxation in the lap of nature.

Promoting Socio-Economic Growth through Tourism

Recognizing the significant role that tourism plays in driving socio-economic development, the Assam cabinet took a pivotal step last year by granting industrial status to the tourism sector. This move aims to encourage investment in the tourism industry and create employment opportunities for the local population.

Assam has been proactive in promoting tourism through various initiatives. The government has organized road shows in major metropolitan cities to showcase the state’s attractions and potential as a tourist destination. Additionally, participation in national and international trade fairs and exhibitions has been a key strategy to attract both domestic and foreign tourists.

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