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Brazil Awarded 2027 Women’s World Cup Hosting Rights

In a historic moment for South American football, Brazil was declared the host of the 2027 Women’s World Cup at the FIFA Congress. The Brazilian bid triumphed over the joint bid from Belgium, Netherlands, and Germany, becoming the first South American country to secure the hosting rights for the prestigious tournament.

Decisive Vote Count

The Brazilian bid garnered the backing of 119 member associations of the FIFA Congress, surpassing the 78 votes received by the European bid. This resounding support underscored Brazil’s strong candidacy and the trust placed in the nation’s ability to organize a successful Women’s World Cup.

Technical Evaluation Favors Brazil

Prior to the vote, a FIFA technical evaluation released last week had given Brazil a slight edge, scoring its bid 4 out of 5, while the Belgium-Netherlands-Germany (BNG) bid received a score of 3.7.

Bid Assessment Criteria

The FIFA assessment thoroughly evaluated each bid based on a range of criteria, including commercial viability, team facilities and accommodation, broadcast sites, stadiums, and fan festival venues. This comprehensive evaluation process ensured that the chosen host nation possessed the necessary infrastructure and resources to deliver a world-class event.

Brazil’s Strengths

According to the FIFA assessment, Brazil’s 10 stadiums, purpose-built and configured for major tournaments, were a significant advantage. The country’s experience in hosting the 2014 men’s World Cup further bolstered its credentials. Additionally, the Brazilian bid presented a strong commercial position and demonstrated unwavering government commitment.

European Bid Highlights

While the European bid from Belgium, Netherlands, and Germany fell short, the FIFA assessment acknowledged its strengths. It highlighted the compact nature of the bid, solid commercial viability, good infrastructure, and short distances between venues. However, the smaller capacities of its 13 stadiums were noted as a potential drawback.

Withdrawal of Joint U.S.-Mexico Bid

The race for the 2027 Women’s World Cup hosting rights was initially a three-horse race, but the joint bid from the United States and Mexico withdrew last month to pursue the 2031 tournament instead, leaving Brazil and the BNG bid as the final contenders.

Brazil’s Historic Opportunity

By securing the rights to host the 2027 Women’s World Cup, Brazil has etched its name in the annals of football history. As the first South American nation to host the prestigious tournament, Brazil will have the opportunity to showcase its passion for the beautiful game and inspire a new generation of young girls to embrace the sport.

Legacy and Development

The hosting of the 2027 Women’s World Cup in Brazil is expected to leave a lasting legacy for women’s football in the region. It will not only provide a platform for showcasing the talent and skill of South American players but also serve as a catalyst for the development and growth of the sport across the continent.

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