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Bundelkhand Wheat Variety Gets GI Tag

In a significant milestone for agricultural recognition, the indigenous wheat variety from the Bundelkhand region in Uttar Pradesh, locally known as Kathiya Gehu, has been granted the prestigious Geographical Indication (GI) tag. This is the first farm produce from Uttar Pradesh to receive this honor.

Uttar Pradesh Leads in GI Tags

Uttar Pradesh has emerged as a leader in acquiring GI tags, becoming the first state to achieve a remarkable 69 GI tags. These tags highlight India’s rich cultural diversity and agricultural heritage.

GI Certification Process

The process for GI certification of Kathiya Gehu was initiated by the Khatiya Wheat Bangra Producer Company Limited, a local Farmer Producer Organization (FPO), with support from entities like NABARD in January 2022. After a two-year journey, the GI tag, bearing certificate number 585, was officially awarded on March 30, 2024.

Promoting Kathiya Gehu

This recognition is expected to boost the promotion of Kathiya Gehu, an indigenous wheat variety known for its high protein content and minimal water requirements. Notably, Kathiya Gehu is gluten-free, making it a healthier option for consumers.

Kathiya Gehu’s adaptability to harsh climatic conditions and low irrigation needs make it a resilient crop, particularly suitable for the arid landscape of the Bundelkhand region.

About Kathiya Wheat

Technically classified as “Triticum Durum,” Kathiya wheat is renowned for its hardness, earning it names like Durum wheat, Dalia, pasta wheat, or macaroni wheat. Despite constituting only a small fraction (5-8%) of total wheat production, it holds significant cultural and nutritional value.

Resilience and Sustainability

Kathiya wheat’s robust nature enables it to thrive in regions facing water scarcity and adverse weather conditions, such as those prevalent in Bundelkhand. It also exhibits resistance against various common wheat diseases, ensuring sustainable cultivation practices.

Nutritional Superiority

Kathiya wheat features nutritional superiority, containing essential vitamins (A, B, and E), beta-carotene, iron, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, and copper. Its high fiber content contributes to digestive health, aids in managing cholesterol levels, and supports weight management, offering comprehensive health benefits.

Culinary Versatility

In culinary applications, Kathiya Gehu finds versatile usage. From preparing Kathiya Daliya, a nutritious porridge-like dish, to incorporating it in traditional recipes like Kathiya Daliya Khichdi, its culinary adaptability aligns with its nutritional richness.

Economic Significance

The amber-colored seed of Kathiya wheat, coupled with its nutritional profile and culinary adaptability, have attracted attention both domestically and internationally. Its demand in the international market, particularly for manufacturing products like macaroni, underscores its economic significance.

The article highlights the significance of Kathiya Gehu, an indigenous wheat variety from Bundelkhand, receiving the GI tag, and its unique characteristics, such as high protein content, gluten-free nature, adaptability to harsh conditions, nutritional superiority, culinary versatility, and economic potential.

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