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C.K. Gopinathan, a Director On The Board Of Dhanlaxmi Bank Passed Away


On November 27, the banking community and shareholders of Kerala-based Dhanlaxmi Bank mourned the sudden demise of Mr. C.K. Gopinathan, a director on the bank’s board and a significant shareholder. The loss was attributed to a major heart attack, marking the end of a distinguished career spanning more than 25 years in the banking and finance sectors.

Early Life and Career

C.K. Gopinathan’s journey in the world of finance began over two decades ago. With a wealth of experience, he made a mark in various capacities within the industry. Notably, he served as a Director at the Catholic Syrian Bank for nearly eight years, from September 26, 2008, to July 20, 2016, leaving an indelible impact on the institution.

Contributions to Dhanlaxmi Bank

Appointed to the board of Dhanlaxmi Bank in August 2016, Gopinathan brought his extensive knowledge and insights to the table. As one of the major shareholders, holding a 7.5 percent stake as of September 2023, he played a crucial role in the bank’s strategic decisions. Remarkably, he had the authorization to hold up to 9.99 percent of the bank’s shares, underlining his commitment to its growth.

Corporate Ventures

Beyond his role in the banking sector, Gopinathan wore multiple hats. He served as a Director of C.K.G Supermarket Limited and held the position of Managing Director at C.K.G Securities and Investments Limited. His diverse involvement showcased his versatile approach to business and finance.

Major Investments

Gopinathan’s influence extended beyond the boardrooms. He was a significant investor in various leading companies across the State, reflecting his confidence in the economic landscape and his commitment to fostering growth.

Board of Dhanlaxmi Bank

Apart from Gopinathan, the board of Dhanlaxmi Bank boasted a dynamic lineup of directors. This included Managing Director and CEO Shivan JK, RBI-appointed Additional Directors DK Kashyap and Nageswara Rao, and other directors like KN Madhusoodanan, Sreesankar Radhakrishnan, Nirmala Padmanabhan, G Rajagopalan, and Vardhini Kalyanaraman. Gopinathan’s contribution to this esteemed group was unparalleled.

Legacy and Impact

The sudden departure of C.K. Gopinathan leaves a void not only in Dhanlaxmi Bank but also in the broader financial community. His legacy as a seasoned professional, astute investor, and dedicated board member will be remembered for years to come. The impact of his strategic decisions and financial acumen will continue to shape the direction of the institutions he was associated with.

Important Questions Related to Exams

1. Who was one of the directors and a major shareholder on the board of Dhanlaxmi Bank that passed away recently?

Answer: C.K. Gopinathan.

2. On what date was C.K. Gopinathan appointed to the board of Dhanlaxmi Bank?

Answer: August 2016.

3. Who is the Managing Director and CEO Of Dhanlaxmi Bank?

Answer: Shivan JK.

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