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Central Electricity Authority Celebrates Its 50th Foundation Day


The Central Electricity Authority, the organization under the Ministry of Power, Government of India, which provides technical and policy support to the government and to all other stakeholders in the power sector, celebrated its 50th Foundation Day on October 15, 2023.

Pioneering a Reliable 24×7 Power Supply Vision

Working towards the vision of ensuring reliable 24×7 power supply of adequate quality to all consumers in the country, the CEA has been at the forefront of the evolution of the power sector in India, with its pivotal role in planning and managing the country’s electricity needs. Over the last five decades of its history, the Authority has consistently demonstrated its commitment to ensuring reliable and sustainable power supply to the nation.

Minister R.K. Singh’s Vision for a Green and Electrified Future

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The commemorative event was graced by the presence of Shri R.K. Singh, India’s Minister of Power and New & Renewable Energy. During his address, the Minister shared a compelling vision for India’s energy future – one that revolves around electrifying the entire economy while simultaneously greening the electricity sector.

The Evolving Role of CEA

Minister Singh underscored the evolving role of the Central Electricity Authority, emphasizing its responsibility to look ahead and identify the necessary systems and technologies in the power sector. He stressed the importance of conducting in-depth studies, considering policy trade-offs, staying updated with the latest technological advancements, and providing informed advice to the government based on this knowledge.

A Comprehensive Approach

The Minister emphasized the importance of a comprehensive perspective, covering generation, transmission, and distribution. He urged CEA officers to gain hands-on experience by working in the field, to better understand the operational systems. He noted that a holistic approach is essential to enhance the overall performance of the power sector.

CEA’s Pioneering Role in India’s Power Sector

Minister Singh applauded the CEA community, emphasizing that the journey of the CEA mirrors the progress of the entire country. Over the last 50 years, India has evolved into the world’s fifth-largest economy, with its power sector outpacing that of some developed nations. Minister Singh acknowledged that electricity is the cornerstone of development and that the CEA has played a pivotal role in advancing the power sector.

Inauguration of the Comprehensive Electricity Rules Compendium

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As part of the celebration, Minister Singh unveiled a compendium compiled by the CEA, which encompasses the Electricity Rules notified by the Ministry of Power under the Electricity Act of 2003. This comprehensive reference guide is designed to assist stakeholders, policymakers, regulators, industry professionals, and the public in better understanding and navigating the framework of electricity rules underpinning India’s power supply.

Adapting to Climate Change and Ensuring Resource Adequacy

The Power Secretary echoed Minister Singh’s concerns, highlighting that climate change has introduced uncertainty in weather patterns, leading to sudden demand spikes in power. This necessitates new demands on the CEA, particularly in the realm of resource adequacy. The sector needs to be prepared for catastrophic events and adapt to varying conditions, such as unexpected demand surges, extreme temperatures, and shifts in hydro power availability.

The Power Sector’s Role in Bridging Divides

The Power Secretary recalled the significant role of the power sector in bridging the rural-urban divide in India in the post-independence era. In recent years, the sector has witnessed numerous reforms, ensuring that all households are connected to electricity. The energy balance has been achieved, and efforts are ongoing to attain demand balance. Building upon the One Nation One Grid initiative, the vision now extends to “One Sun One World One Grid,” aiming for global energy interconnectivity.

Recognizing Excellence in the Power Sector

As a part of the celebration, Minister Singh conferred awards for outstanding contributions to the power sector upon five exemplary officers of the CEA. The recipients of these prestigious awards are:

Sno. Name Position
1 Shri Laxmikant Singh Rathore Director
2 Shri Nitin Prakash Director
3 Ms. Jyotsana Kapoor Deputy Director
4 Shri Praveen Kumar Sahukari Deputy Director
5 Shri Vagicharla Kartik Deputy Director

These officers’ dedication and expertise have significantly contributed to the advancement of India’s power sector.

Paving the Way to a Sustainable and Vibrant Power Sector

The 50th-anniversary celebration of the Central Electricity Authority served as a platform to reflect on the sector’s accomplishments, ongoing challenges, and a vision for a brighter, greener, and more electrified future for India. The CEA remains at the forefront of India’s journey toward a sustainable and vibrant power sector.

Key takeaways for competitive examinations

  • Chairperson of CEA: Shri Ghanshyam Prasad

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