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China to Launch Chang’e-6 Lunar Probe Carrying Pakistan’s ICUBE-Q Mission

China is set to launch the Chang’e-6 lunar probe on a round trip to the Moon, marking a significant advancement in their space exploration. The mission aims to gather soil and rock samples from the far side of the Moon, providing crucial insights into its early evolution and the inner solar system.

Key Features of Chang’e-6 Mission

  • Exploring the Far Side: This will be the first-ever attempt to retrieve lunar samples from the far side of the Moon, a region hidden from Earth’s view.
  • Relay Satellite Communication: Due to the lack of direct communication with Earth, a relay satellite orbiting the Moon will facilitate communication during the mission’s 53-day duration.
  • Historic Ascent from Far Side: The return journey to Earth will involve the first-ever ascent from the Moon’s far side.

Pakistan’s Involvement

Pakistan is set to launch its maiden lunar mission, ICUBE-Q, aboard China’s Chang’e-6 probe. Developed in collaboration with China’s Shanghai University and Pakistan’s Institute of Space Technology (IST), ICUBE-Q carries optical cameras to capture images of the lunar surface.

Significance of Partnership

This historic collaboration between Pakistan and China not only marks a milestone for Pakistan’s space program but also enhances international cooperation in lunar exploration.

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