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Citroen Makes Historic Move: First MNC to Export EVs from India

In a landmark achievement, French automaker Citroën has become the first multinational car manufacturer to export electric vehicles (EVs) produced in India to the international market. The company announced the commencement of exports of its locally manufactured ë-C3, sending an initial shipment of 500 units to Indonesia from the Kamarajar Port.

Strategic Move: Citroën’s Global Ambitions

Aligning with its global ambitions of democratizing electric mobility and promoting sustainable transportation, Citroën’s export of the Made-in-India ë-C3 showcases the country’s manufacturing and engineering capabilities on a global scale. This move not only highlights Citroën’s commitment to India but also contributes significantly to the nation’s goal of establishing a sustainable and competitive EV manufacturing ecosystem.

Indo-French Cooperation: A Symbol of Clean Mobility

The export of the ë-C3 symbolizes the strength of Indo-French industrial cooperation and mutual commitment to cleaner mobility. With support from both governments, this initiative underscores the importance of collaboration in delivering affordable and environmentally friendly mobility solutions, in line with the Indo-French roadmap for the Indo-Pacific.

Crafted for Modern Mobility: Features of the ë-C3

The Citroën ë-C3 offers a range of 320 km certified by ARAI MIDC, along with convenient charging options, including 100% DC Fast Charge and 15 AMP Home Charging. With its modern design and innovation, available in various color combinations and customization options, the ë-C3 represents a significant step towards sustainable and globally competitive electric mobility.

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