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“Conversations with Aurangzeb”: A Novel by Charu Nivedita

“Conversations with Aurangzeb” is a novel by Tamil literary icon Charu Nivedita, translated into English by Nandini Krishnan. This book represents a unique fusion of historical narrative and satirical commentary, offering readers a fresh perspective on both historical and contemporary themes.

Overview of the Conversations with Aurangzeb

The novel is a part historical, part satirical piece that begins with a writer’s attempt to conduct seances with the spirit of Shah Jahan for a new book. However, the narrative takes an unexpected turn when Shah Jahan is overshadowed by Aurangzeb, who hijacks the story. The ensuing conversations touch on various subjects ranging from emperors’ marketing strategies to mutiny, from Marxism to modern-day cultural references, culminating in a comical yet profound narrative.

Unique Approach to Historical Fiction

“Conversations with Aurangzeb” stands out for its genre-bending approach, blending historical elements with a modern satirical twist. The novel employs humour and wit to explore the complexities of power, religion, and society, both in historical and contemporary contexts.

Charu Nivedita’s Literary Influence

Charu Nivedita is a well-known figure in Tamil literature, with a reputation for boundary-breaking and postmodern writing. His novel “Zero Degree” was previously published in English translation, showcasing his unique style and thematic exploration. “Conversations with Aurangzeb” further cements his status as a significant voice in Indian literature.


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