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Country’s Oldest Think Tank USI To Hold First Ever Indian Military Heritage Festival


The United Service Institution of India (USI), the nation’s oldest think tank, is set to host the first-ever Indian Military Heritage Festival (IMHF), scheduled for October 21 and 22. This groundbreaking event aims to fill a void in the national discourse and cultural calendar by shedding light on India’s rich military history, contemporary security concerns, and the pursuit of self-reliance in military capabilities through the Atmanirbhar Bharat programs.

Unveiling India’s Military Heritage

The IMHF seeks to deepen our understanding of India’s extensive military heritage and traditions. It will explore various aspects, including indigenous historical knowledge systems, India’s role in the world wars, post-Independence challenges, and perspectives on war and conflict. Through insightful discussions, the festival aims to enlighten attendees from all walks of life about the multifaceted dimensions of India’s military history.

Addressing Knowledge Gaps

Despite growing interest in military history among the Indian populace, there remains a significant knowledge deficit concerning Indian military systems, customs, and history. The IMHF aims to bridge these gaps and enhance our comprehension of the intricate relationship between war, the armed forces, and society. It aligns with the Army’s Project Udbhav, a collaborative effort with the USI to uncover India’s ancient statecraft and strategic wisdom found in historical texts.

Educating Future Thought Leaders

The IMHF has a key objective of educating “future thought leaders” on comprehensive national security dynamics, with a special emphasis on India’s strategic culture, military heritage, education, modernization of security forces, and Atmanirbhar Bharat. Through panel sessions and discussions, the festival will delve into various topics, including military history, contemporary security issues, the welfare of armed forces personnel, and the role of Atmanirbhar Bharat in the defense sector.

Charting a Path for the Future

Over two days of engaging discussions, the IMHF will explore how we perceive our military history, contemporary security challenges, and the role of self-reliance in defense. It will also highlight India’s culture of gallantry and endeavor to develop an indigenous strategic vocabulary rooted in the country’s rich culture and history, thus paving the way for a more secure future.

A Showcase of Milestones

In conjunction with the National Museum, the IMHF will host an exhibition highlighting select milestones and achievements from India’s extensive military history. This exhibition will celebrate the nation’s enduring and illustrious military heritage. The Indian Military Heritage Festival is poised to be a landmark event that not only honors India’s military legacy but also fosters a deeper understanding of its significance in contemporary times.

About the United Service Institution of India

The United Service Institution of India, established in 1870 by Colonel (later Major General) Sir Charles MacGregor, a soldier-scholar, has a history closely connected with the development of the Indian Armed Forces. Its primary mission was to promote interest and knowledge in the art, science, and literature of the Defense Services. Initially, it was located in the old Town Hall at Shimla, nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas. Later, the Institution relocated to the Army Headquarters. Major General BK Sharma is the Director General of United Service Institution of India (USI).

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