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CP Radhakrishnan Gets Additional Charge as Telangana Governor

Jharkhand Governor CP Radhakrishnan has been given the additional responsibility as the in-charge governor of Telangana. This comes after Tamilisai Soundararajan resigned from her constitutional post as the Telangana Governor.

A communique from Rashtrapati Bhavan stated that Tamilisai’s resignation was accepted with immediate effect, and Radhakrishnan was appointed to take additional charge of Telangana.

Third Tamil Nadu Person as Telangana Governor

Radhakrishnan is the third person from Tamil Nadu to occupy the post of governor in Telangana for a consecutive term. The first was ESL Narasimhan, followed by Tamilisai Sounderarajan.

Radhakrishnan’s Background

A former two-time BJP MP from Coimbatore, Radhakrishnan assumed the governorship of Jharkhand in 2023.

Additional Charge of Puducherry Too

On March 19, 2024, President Droupadi Murmu also gave Radhakrishnan additional charge of Puducherry, after accepting Tamilisai Soundararajan’s resignation from that post as well.

Governors’ Responsibilities

The governors are the nominal heads of their respective states/union territories. They have the responsibility of ensuring that the administration runs constitutionally and smoothly.

Major decisions like recommending President’s Rule or appointing the Chief Minister are taken by the governors.

Significance of Governor Appointments

Appointing the same person as the governor of multiple states/UTs is not uncommon when there is a vacancy. It ensures continuity of administration until a new full-time governor is appointed.

The successive Tamil Nadu-origin governors in Telangana highlight the state’s cultural links with the neighboring union territory.

Overall, the governor appointments aim to provide stable constitutional leadership and governance in the states/UTs.

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