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Cricketer Deepak Chahar launches new brand ‘DNINE Sports’

Cricketer Deepak Chahar, known for his stellar performances on the cricket field, has ventured into the world of sports equipment with the launch of DNINE Sports. With an investment of ₹2.5 crore, this sports line promises to revolutionize athletic gear, offering a wide range of products catering to the needs of athletes, including professional cricketers. In this article, we explore the inception, products, and vision of DNINE Sports.

Inception of DNINE Sports

This section delves into the origins of DNINE Sports, highlighting Deepak Chahar’s entrepreneurial journey and the decision to bootstrap the venture. It also provides insight into the company’s incorporation under the entity LCDC Athletics Private Limited, with Deepak Chahar and his father, Lokendra Singh Chahar, as co-founders.

This section explores the groundbreaking innovation represented by DNINE Sports’ cricket shoes. Deepak Chahar’s involvement in their development is emphasized, showcasing how these cricket spikes and rubber studs are poised to set new benchmarks in performance and safety within the sport. The endorsement of international physiotherapists, coaches, and athletes adds credibility to their injury-reduction and muscle recovery capabilities.

DNINE Sports adopts a multi-pronged approach to distribution, both online and offline. It discusses the company’s strategy for reaching consumers through various channels and the importance of word-of-mouth marketing in building brand awareness.

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