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Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar’s statue unveiled at Wankhede Stadium

The iconic Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai is set to witness a momentous occasion as a statue of cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar will be unveiled, coinciding with the World Cup match between India and Sri Lanka. The statue, capturing the legendary batsman in the midst of a cricket stroke, finds its place adjacent to the Sachin Tendulkar stand, paying tribute to the ‘Little Master.’

Crafted by Artist Pramod Kamble

This remarkable sculpture is the creation of artist Pramod Kamble, a painter and sculptor from Ahmednagar. Kamble’s craftsmanship brings to life the essence of Tendulkar’s cricketing prowess, offering fans a tangible connection to the cricketing icon.

A Homecoming at Wankhede Stadium

What makes this moment even more special is the fact that the statue of Sachin Tendulkar is being placed at the Wankhede Stadium, which has been his home ground throughout his illustrious career. It’s a fitting tribute almost a decade after he played his final match for India at this very venue, a Test match against the West Indies in November 2013.

In the Presence of a Legend

Adding to the excitement, Sachin Tendulkar himself will grace the unveiling ceremony, underscoring the significance of this event for cricket enthusiasts and his countless admirers. This event marks a culmination of his celebrated career and an opportunity for fans to celebrate his enduring impact on the sport.

A Birthday Gift for the Master Blaster

Earlier this year, on Sachin Tendulkar’s 50th birthday in April, the decision to place a statue at Wankhede Stadium was announced, making this unveiling an extraordinary tribute to the cricketing icon.

Sri Lanka’s World Cup Challenge

As cricket fans eagerly await the statue’s unveiling, the Sri Lankan cricket team faces a challenging situation in the World Cup. Following their loss to Afghanistan, their margin for error is slim. To secure a spot in the semi-finals, they must emerge victorious in all three of their upcoming matches, including a formidable encounter against the tournament hosts, India. The stakes are high, and Sri Lanka’s journey in the World Cup hangs in the balance.

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