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Dabur becomes first Indian plastic waste neutral’ FMCG company

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Dabur India has become the first Indian consumer goods company to become completely plastic waste neutral. It has done this by collecting, processing and recycling around 27,000 metric tonnes of post-consumer plastic waste during FY21-22. Dabur has achieved the landmark of surpassing its plastic packaging usage with recycling. Dabur’s Plastic Waste Management initiative was launched in 2017-18 as part of the Plastic Waste Management (PWM) Rule.

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Dabur has also announced the beginning of a new ‘Save the Environment’ campaign in Himachal Pradesh to raise community awareness about how to manage home plastic waste. They have also been working with school children in towns and villages as part of this commitment, educating them about different forms of garbage and the benefits of sorting them at the source. They have been assisting government schools by providing waste bins, sanitary facilities, and IEC (Information, Education, and Communication) materials.

Important takeaways for all competitive exams:

  • Dabur India CEO: Mohit Malhotra;
  • Dabur India Headquarters: Ghaziabad;
  • Dabur India Founder: S.K. Burman;
  • Dabur India Founded: 1884.

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