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Defence Ministry to switch to locally built OS in computers amid threats

In a significant step towards strengthening its cyber defenses, India’s Ministry of Defence has taken a decisive step by opting to replace the Microsoft operating system with a domestically developed alternative named the ‘Maya‘ operating system. This strategic move aims to elevate the nation’s cybersecurity measures in the face of escalating cyber threats.

The Maya OS: A Homegrown Solution to Cybersecurity Challenges

  • Devised and formed by a government organization, the Maya Operating System stands as a testament to local innovation and dedication. Its was created within a brief timeframe of just six months.
  • The locally-developed OS was constructed using the open-source Ubuntu framework. Maya boasts an interface and full functionality akin to Windows, ensuring a seamless transition for users.
  • A trial run of the Maya operating system is set to commence by August 15. The preliminary phase will witness the deployment of the Maya OS on a limited number of ministry computers, with plans in place to scale its implementation across the entire spectrum of connected systems.

Escalating Cybersecurity Threats in India

  • In the initial quarter of 2023, India witnessed an 18% increase in weekly cyber attacks. On average, each organization in India encountered 2,108 attacks per week.
  • A cybersecurity company’s survey revealed that around 73% of organizations based in India fell victim to ransomware attacks.
  • The expanse of cybersecurity vulnerabilities in India is expanding, with the healthcare sector assuming a leading role, followed by defense and education.
  • With the nation embracing digitization, the range of threats naturally broadens, attracting malicious cyber attackers.

Key Points for Competitive Examinations

  • National Cyber Security Coordinator: General M U Nair

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Defence Ministry to switch to locally built OS in computers amid threats_40.1


Defence Ministry to switch to locally built OS in computers amid threats_50.1