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Denmark’s King Frederik X Ascends As Queen Margrethe II Steps Down After 52 Years


Denmark witnessed a historic moment on January 14 as King Frederik X ascended the throne, succeeding his mother, Queen Margrethe II, who formally abdicated after an impressive 52 years as the monarch. The capital brimmed with anticipation and excitement as large crowds gathered to witness this significant event in the nation’s history.

A Surprising Announcement

The announcement of Queen Margrethe II’s abdication came as a shock to the nation on New Year’s Eve. At 83, she revealed her plans to become the first Danish monarch in almost 900 years to voluntarily relinquish the throne. The succession process was formalized as Margrethe signed the declaration of her abdication during a meeting of the Council of State at the parliament. Notably, Denmark, one of the oldest monarchies globally, does not have a coronation ceremony.

A Royal Gathering

The pivotal meeting saw the attendance of government representatives, Queen Margrethe, the new King Frederik X, his Australian-born wife Mary – now the queen consort, and their eldest son Christian, 18, who assumes the role of the new heir to the throne. Following the signing, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen was scheduled to proclaim the new king on the parliament balcony, where Frederik would deliver a brief speech.

The People’s Celebration

Despite freezing temperatures, tens of thousands of people from across Denmark flocked to the capital, showcasing the immense popularity the monarchy enjoys in the nation of nearly six million. Soren Kristian Bisgaard, a 30-year-old pilot, expressed the sentiment of many: “We have come here today because this is history being made in front of our eyes. We just had to be here.”

A Monarch’s Decision

Queen Margrethe, who had previously expressed her intention to remain on the throne for life, did not provide a specific reason for her decision to step down. However, she mentioned a significant back surgery in February of the previous year, which prompted her to contemplate her future.

The New Monarchs and Public Support

King Frederik X and Queen Mary assume their roles at a time of immense public support and enthusiasm for the Danish monarchy. Surveys conducted after Queen Margrethe’s abdication announcement indicated overwhelming confidence in the new monarchs, with 82% of Danes expecting King Frederik to perform well in his new role and 86% expressing the same sentiment about Queen Mary. The royal couple steps into their roles with the support and goodwill of the Danish people.

Important Questions Related to Exams

1. Who succeeded Queen Margrethe II as the new monarch of Denmark?
a) Prince Christian
b) King Frederik X
c) Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen

2. How many years did Queen Margrethe II serve as the monarch before stepping down?
a) 46 years
b) 50 years
c) 52 years

3. What title does Queen Mary now hold following King Frederik X’s ascension?
a) Princess Consort
b) Queen Consort
c) Duchess Consort

Kindly share your responses in the comment section.

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