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DGCA Penalizes Air India ₹30 Lakh For 80-Year-Old Passenger’s Demise

On February 12, upon arriving at Mumbai airport from New York on an Air India flight, an 80-year-old passenger, who had pre-booked a wheelchair, chose to walk due to the unavailability of one. Unfortunately, he collapsed during immigration and subsequently died in the hospital.

DGCA Penalty and Response

  • Penalty Imposition: DGCA imposed a penalty of ₹30 lakh on Air India for the incident.

Lack of Action and Response

  • Air India failed to inform DGCA about any actions taken against the responsible employee(s).
  • The airline did not submit any corrective measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Airline’s Explanation

  • Passenger’s Choice: Air India stated that the passenger opted to walk along with his spouse, who was in a wheelchair, instead of waiting for another wheelchair.

Immediate Response:

  • Upon the passenger falling ill, Air India promptly rushed him to the hospital as advised by the airport doctor.
  • The airline expressed condolences and extended necessary assistance to the bereaved family.

Regulatory Measures and Airport Improvements

  • DGCA Advisory: DGCA issued an advisory to all airlines to ensure the availability of an adequate number of wheelchairs for passengers requiring assistance.
  • Airport Relief Efforts: Recent measures at Mumbai airport have led to fewer delays in flight arrivals, providing relief to thousands of travelers.

Industry Reflection

  • Safety and Accessibility: The incident highlights the importance of prioritizing passenger safety and ensuring accessibility for all travelers, especially those with special needs.
  • Continuous Improvement: It underscores the need for airlines and airports to continuously assess and improve their protocols, infrastructure, and operational processes to enhance passenger experience and safety.


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