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Dharamsala to get India’s first ‘hybrid pitch’

The Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA) stadium in Dharamshala has become the first BCCI-accredited venue to install a state-of-the-art ‘hybrid pitch’. This new technology is set to transform the game, as future international and IPL matches will be played on this innovative track.

Hybrid Pitch Technology Comes to India

The Netherlands-based ‘SISGrass’, a part of the SIS Pitches group of companies, has been brought in to install the first-ever hybrid pitch in India. This cutting-edge technology combines natural turf with a small percentage of polymer fibre, creating a more durable and consistent playing surface.

Transforming the Game with Durability and Consistency

According to the press release, this hybrid pitch technology will provide a “more durable, consistent, and high-performing playing surface.” HPCA president R.P. Singh said, “The arrival of ground-breaking hybrid pitch technology in India signifies a game-changing moment for our national cricket.”

Investing in India’s Cricket Ecosystem

Paul Taylor, a former England cricketer and SIS’s international cricket director, expressed excitement about the impact of this technology on India’s vibrant cricket ecosystem. “As we inject new and improved technological advancements into India’s vibrant cricket ecosystem, we foresee a catalytic effect on its growth trajectory,” he said.

Hybrid Pitches: A Global Trend

The use of hybrid pitches has been approved by the ICC for T20 and 50-over competitions, and they are already being used in various cricket grounds across the United Kingdom. The “Universal” machine, used to install the hybrid pitch in Dharamshala, will be taken to other cities like Ahmedabad and Mumbai to create more such pitches.

Refurbishing the Dharamshala Pitch

It’s worth noting that the Dharamshala pitch and outfield came under scrutiny during the ODI World Cup last year, and the entire playing surface had to be refurbished. The introduction of the hybrid pitch technology is expected to address these issues and provide a more consistent and high-performing playing surface for the future.

The installation of the hybrid pitch at the HPCA stadium in Dharamshala marks a significant milestone in the evolution of cricket in India. As the country continues to invest in cutting-edge technologies and infrastructure, the impact on the sport’s growth trajectory is expected to be profound.

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